Monday, June 6, 2011

Flower cane and Bottle of hope- part 2

Here is the second part and it is continued from part one here

You will need:

Violet Cernit- 1, 2.2 ounce packages
Opaque White Cernit- 2, 2.2 ounce packages
Black Cernit-1, 2.2 ounce packages
Yellow Cernit- 1. 2.2 ounce package
Porcelain White Cernit- large package 1.1 pound
Clay Machine
Clay Slicing Blade
Acrylic roller

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Mix all of the colors, even the black and opaque white with an equal amount of porcelain white.

17.  Flatten the shaded coil that you made a little on the work surface by standing it on its flattest end. Cut through the length of the cane with you clay blade.
I stand over the top of the coil and watch as I cut down.
Leave the cane exactly this way after you remove the blade.
 18. Make another cut in the top half of the cane, fan it out from the center of the last cut.
Leave the cane this way after removing the blade again.
19. Make another cut in the lower half of the cane fanning it out from the center cut.

Remove the blade and leave the cane standing with the everything the way it was cut.

20. Roll out some of the black clay on the 5th thickest setting and make it a long sheet.
Trim off the leading edge for a straight edge.
Separate the bottom section of the cut cane.
21. Lay the cane section along the straight edge with the cut edge of the section facing down on the clay. Trim the black sheet to match the bottom section of purple shaded cane.
Place the cane section and the black sheet back together with the shaded coil exactly (or almost exactly) the way it came apart.
22. Take the half section of the coil apart and place it on the black sheet cut face down on the sheet.
23. Trim the black sheet around the cane half.

24. Place the cane half back together with the black sheet in the center.
You do not have to smash these together now. You do not really have to touch the cane that much. Just place it back together and match top and bottom.

25. Remove the last section and place the cut edge on the black sheet and trim the black clay away from that section.

26. Place that section back together.

27. Place the shaded coil and its inserts on the black sheet of clay on the last trimmed edge and wrap the cane with that sheet.

28. Roll the leading cut edge over on the opposite edge of the sheet of black and gently make the mark. Roll the coil and the sheet back.

29. With your blade cut just inside the line you made with the leading edge.

30. Roll the coil up and the edges should meet almost perfectly.

31. Pinch a waist with your thumb and forefinger like we have already done on the African trade bead canes, you cane see them here

Turn and press all the way to the top of the cane from the middle section. Turn the cane over and press and rotate a little at a time to the top again until you have reduced the cane to half the diameter it was.

32. The cane section might be quite knobby, it is OK!

33. Start to roll the cane down with one hand and when it gets longer add both hands. Roll over 360 degrees and draw hands out gently away from each other. If you roll with short little movements you will place lumps in the coil. 360 and nice and smooth.

34. Roll down to a little over half-inch in diameter and cut in half with a rolling cut by roll the coil forward at the same time that you move the blade forward.

35. Your cane cut should look like this.

36. Cut off a 2" section of half of the cane.
Roll down section to 10".
Should be about 1/4" to 3/16" in diameter.

Cut in to 5- 2" sections.

37. This will look wrong because the section is bigger that yours will be. I made it that way so you could see it better.
Pinch the end of the cane section right where all the black lines meet.
Turn the can over and pinch the other end where the lines meet.

38. The pinches should line up. If they don't you rock the ends of the cane back and forth to line them up.

39. Like these do.
Pinch all the way down the edge of the cane to the other mark or pinch you made. If I do this I do not have to use registration marks on the outside of the cane. If when you roll your cane you flip it from end to end once in a while and roll on the other side too.

40. Place the sections together with the points in the middle forming a little well in the center as you go.
Place three together.

41. Like this!

42. Take a small amount of yellow and roll it in to a tiny coil, this one is less than an 1/8" in diameter. Place it in the center.

43. Place the other two petals in around the center and look at the end to move the petals around so they all come out from the center at the same distance and are uniform.
Take the ends of the coil with your fingers and rock the ends back and forth opposite from each other, to pull out the cane gently.
You can also run your fingers down the edges of the cane to move it down. This is very gentle and slow process that takes patience so not to smash the edges of the cane together. You place your fingers in to the dips in between the petals as you move down the cane.


44. If you cut the cane in the middle you will have a flower with out edges and is in the shape of a flower. Set this aside and we will add canes to the outside of another flower to fill it in also.

I use this flower just like this by taking slices off it with out having any background on it. The next flower will have a background and the two will be used together on a BOH (bottle of hope) along with just the petal slices too, Oh and some of the background canes too. You will see step by step... ;-D

Coming next part 3...


  1. Oh wow - this is so cool. I didn't realize it was going to a flower. Can I say it again? Wow.

  2. this is awesome. i love the way it looks already, and you're still not done with it. waiting anxiously...

  3. Thanks Donna!!
    What a great response. Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much!
    I am done with this one Lisa. I will use this flower just like this.

  5. Marie it is gorgeous! Just awesome! Loving the purple! Kudos!
    love you

  6. I agree with Donna, Wow, Wow, Wow!!!


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