Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marie's Batty!!! well duh!

Jo over at Floraeme
Had a go at the bats, well done you!!!!
I am very impressed. These are truly delightful and I love the added glass pumpkins. Very sexy. Won't be long before all across the pond will donning these little rodents and walking around and yelling trick or sweets.
Thank you for the link girl.
And JO...

now you are BATTY!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nobody does it better!

I caught Madi in a perfect visual description of how I have been feeling for the last month.
One picture is worth a 1000 words sometimes.
Madi says "Life just knocks you over sometimes Grandma, just take a nap and then play with me!"

I am off to Sandy Camp, my guild's version of a retreat!! I have been to many of these events and I feel that my guild, the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild, does a fantastic job of this.
This is our 11th event, Sandy Camp, and this year looks to be even better than the last, which was pretty damn good...
Warner Springs Ranch is where I will be, living the life of luxury (LOL, everything is relative) and playing with clay and doing all kinds of artsy craziness.
I will be having cocktails in the evening and hanging out with some incredibly awesome and friendly people and it is a jewel in my life.
The hot springs is wonderful and it feels like champagne bubbles on your skin!
The stars out at the ranch seem so close that you could grab them with your fingers. It is really amazing to see, but unbelievable in the dark of the moon!
I love you all, I will miss you, and I will be back soon, maybe the 5th, maybe the 6th.

Do not forget to enter the giveaway while I am gone, I have comment moderation on and I will not end the contest until I get back.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shiver me infidels, this has been a weird one

This month has been a weird and strange one, not all of the moments pleasant for me either.

First off my computer decided it was done with the tricks I was putting it through and just quit on me. I was doing fairly well in beginning using my kid's and Howard's, but my daughter is in the last bits of nursing school and under a lot of pressure and wanted access to her computer when she wanted it. I really do understand this and empathize with her all the way.

I have had to wait for my husband Howard's time away from his computer to do what I needed to do. I would just get something done or partially done and he would need to get back on it. This is so understandable. I am spoiled by having my own computer for so long. Bad Marie!!!

I miss all of my pictures and email contacts, I know they are still in there and it will just take some time to get them back. I have tried to keep this blog flowing as best I could. That is debatable.

But where I have failed completely is visiting and reading the many blogs I follow and comment on. I still love you all, I really do!

My other daughter knows someone that is good with computers and he rebuilt me one with my other info in there that I can get to if I figure out how to put this card in there. LOL!!! This computer has gremlins and does what it wants at a very slow pace. I have still been able to post things, so I am still grateful.

My posting rate is slow though. I am sorry.
I mean, really, what is the point of posting on a blog if you can't? Or if it takes so long, you need drinks and 10 valium just to relax after.

My mouse is not working right either and I don't know whether it is the mouse or the computer lag time. LOL!! Yes, I cleaned it.
My PDA decided I needed to make new contacts and removed all of them from its self.

Ok, I will admit that I needed to clean some of them out, but geesh, this is ridiculous.

This is only the electronic stuff that I am sharing with you, the rest is personal. Needless to say I have had a couple of meltdowns. It feels like it is coming too fast and too much.

I started to delete my blog on Friday when it took me forever to do something and Howard stopped me from doing that. I am still thinking about it.

Like a very good friend told me today the only way to go from here is up!!

"Shiver me Infidels" comes from this event on this blog. I love it.
The pirate brooch above is influenced by talk like a pirate day.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A horse of a different color

Lynda over at Swoopin' Along
has posted 200 times. She is having a giveaway to celebrate that and the prize for one lucky person is the horse you see above.

Lynda is the talented woman who made and hung Wyatt. LOL!!

I hate to cut my chances of winning this baby down but I thought it only fair that I share with you!!

And while you're at it, sign up for my giveaway!

Monday, September 21, 2009

5th Giveaway- Trick and Treat, 12 winners

My next giveaway is a fun one and I am very excited about it. Jacquard Products the importer for Cernit Polymer clay in North America has given me 12 sets of Cernit to giveaway. There are 10 colors and a 1 ounce package of each color to play with.
You can read about Cernit here and in this blog and see all of the colors
Jacquard Products also carries an incredible amount of other products that you can see on their site.
The Clay Factory, my husband Howard's on line store carries all of Jacquard's products even if they are not posted on Howard's site yet. He can get them for you, just ask. We are working on getting them all up on the Clay Factory site.

Yep, you heard that right, 12 of them!
12 winners!!!
I think this deserves some tricks, LOL!! and we are approaching the trick or treat season, so this is soooooooo perfect. You do a trick and you may get a treat.

1. Follow me in Face book or Google, scroll down on the right.

2. If you are a winner, when you make something with this Cernit, show me your stuff. I would like blog quality pictures of what you make. Everyone starts at the beginning and I want to see what you do. No judgment just cheering. I will even help you if you have questions.

If you are willing to do this, post a comment (and follow) on this post.
Also, if you have a chance check out what my friend Lynda Watkins is doing with Phthalate free Cernit at her Blog Swoopin' along   
Wyatt wip
and some gorgeous jewelry:

I will choose the 12 winners when I get back from Sandy Camp on the 6th or 7th of October.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Could you use one of these on Halloween night?

This would also make a great magnet or make the design smaller for a pair of earrings, but this is simple and fun and can be done in a ½ hour.

I have the chains available through the for 2.00 each, 1.00 each (sold in packages of 5, one color), it has everything you need; silver or gold plated, the jump rings, and the clasp. They are about 15 1/2" long from jump ring to jump ring and they have an extra 1 7/8" adjustment chain too! If they are not up there when I get these posted, just ask Howard.

The eye hooks are placed in to the bat where I want them and they have a shart leg with a hook that sticks in to the clay. I press the clay down around it once I insert it and the hook doesn’t come out. I used 22 gauge non tarnish silver or non tarnish brass wire to make the dangles on the bottom and some other beads I had made. The glitter beads can be made from the instructions here:

Using purple Cernit and Purple glitter from
Links will take you to the page at where the products are.
Black Cernit
Red Cernit
Round cutter set- Makin’s Clay
Clay Blade
Craft Knife
3/16” teardrop cutter
7/16” round cutter
Large and small ball stylus
Pasta Machine
3 hooks with leg
1 chain set (Link finally added, YAY!!!)

1. Condition a ¼ block of the black clay until smooth and creamy, then roll out in the pasta machine on the thickest setting and fold the clay sheet in half to double the thickness or roll out with a glass jar until about 3/16” thick, using the largest and smallest circle cutter from the Makin’s clay circle set cut out one of each size.

2. Cut the largest cut out circle in half.

3. Place the two halves together so they look like camel humps or mountains.

4. With the 7/16” round cutter cut out 3 halves of the circle in each half of the big circle.


5. Take the cut out that used the smallest cutter and roll it in to a ball and then roll it in to a pear shape.


6. Place over the center of the two large cut out halves right in the middle and press down firmly with out smashing too much.

7. Place the large ball stylus in to the center of the pressed on pear shape and pull down to form a mouth.

8. Roll out some conditioned red clay on the 5th thickest setting and use the small 3/16” cutter to cut out two teardrops.

9. Place one over the mouth a little to the right of center.
10. Place another over the mouth on the left of the other.
Sometimes if the red clay sticks in the cutter you can place the cutter squarely and flush on to the clay you want it on and pull the cutter back very fast and get the piece to stick to the clay you are putting it on, this doesn’t always work and takes a little practice.
Otherwise push out the shape and turn it over so you will not see the indent from the plunger. Then place where you want it to go.

11. Cut out another 3/16” teardrop and roll it in to a ball.
12. Drop in to the bottom of the hole for the mouth.


13. With the craft knife make a mark in the red ball that goes north to south in the middle for the bats tongue.


14. Using the 3/16” teardrop cut out 3 teardrops out of the black clay that is rolled out on the thickest setting.

15. Roll all of the pieces in to balls.

16. Roll two of the balls in to little teardrops.

17. Roll one of the balls in to a little coil that is about ¼” long.


18. Put the two teardrops on each side of the top of the bats head for ears.

19. Mark each ear by pressing the large ball stylus in to the teardrop at the bottom of it close to the head.

This will also help attach the ears to the head.


20. Place the little coil over the red teardrops for eyes and mark in the middle of it with the craft knife to make eyebrows.


21. Roll out another piece of the black clay on the 5th thickest setting and cut out another 3/16” teardrop.

22. Cut that in half and roll both halves into very small balls.


23. Place on the red teardrops for pupils in the eyes and press in to place.


24. Using a small ball stylus “draw” on the wing divisions.
25. Insert the hooks with legs in to the wings and at the bottom of the body or leave them off if this is going to be used for something else.

26. Bake in a 275 degree preheated oven for 30 minutes

27. Shut off oven.

28. Let cool.

Add chain and dangles

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Which witch is it??

This is a new witch brooch, it comes with its own stand.
I am in love with this lady.

And her one eyed purple friend.
Base is Cernit Sienna and the cauldron has Glow in the dark Cernit mixed with Neon Green Cernit slime in it.
All pieces are hand made by me with Cernit, Artistic wire in brown 16 gauge and Dark Blue in 24 gauge.
She stands 5 1/4" in the stand and the witch brooch herself in 4 3/4" from the top of her hat to the tip of her toes.
It is 3 1/4" wide at the widest point.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ces won the 4th giveaway!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day. I don't get it. Why do they call it labor day when no one is moving at all? They are not having babies and everyone is lying around and eating. Grown-ups really confuse me sometimes.
Grandma says it is to honor working people. Geesh it is about time they give them a day off.
Anyway back to why I am here at all.
Ces is the winner of the 4th Giveaway
Congratulations Ces, grandma started laughing; she says you say you never win anything.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bones and Stones

Now the mayhem and getting ready for the season I love so much begins. I have been waiting for this forever it seems.

Wear a fabulous knuckle necklace, a bone to pick, to a spooktacular evening of elegance ala a stony entrance with appendages dangling from your neck.
*all links in this list will lead to my husbands store if you are looking for these products*
You will need:

Cernit phthalate free polymer clay 1- 2 ounce package of opaque White, Caramel, and Granite
7/16” round or teardrop cutter
Slicing blade
Ne-Opaque Black or brown
Stencil Brush ½ inch round
Bamboo skewer
Old towel
Cylindrical glass jar or rolling pin
Copper wire 14 gauge
Wire tools round nose and side cutters

Mix 4 parts of white to 1 part of caramel until it is one color

Roll out a coil that is 3/8” to 7/16”

Cut in to 2” sections
I use17 sections for the necklace and 3 sections for the bracelet

Place one of the sections on the top of your fingers and roll the fingers over the coil and smash the coil into your fingers

Sometimes I even have to squeeze my fingers down with my other hand to make very deep impressions
Do this to all of the 20 sections you have

Poke holes in all 17 sections at one end for the necklace

Cut 2 of the 4 in to 3rds, and 1 of the 4 sections in to 4ths (I show 2 of the sections cut in half I didn’t like them that long and decided not to use them)

Poke holes through the middle of each cut section you have made.

These will be for the bracelet.

Condition the granite clay and roll out to ¼ thick with a glass or rolling pin

Cut out circles or teardrops with the cutter

Roll those in to balls and flatten a little with your fingers
Pole a hole through the center of each one

Bake all of your bones and stones in a preheated 275 degree oven for 30 minutes, shut off the oven let cool.

When pieces are completely cool take the stencil brush and load it up with black or brown Ne-opaque and punch the color in to all of the bones.

Take the old towel and wet it a little and squeeze out the excess.

Wipe off the extra paint and leave the bones looking old and rotten looking.
I have strung mine on to 14 gauge copper wire and bent hooks in each end for both the bracelet and the necklace

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just loops on each end like the bracelet will be fine.

Wilma Flintstone would be jealous.