Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shiver me infidels, this has been a weird one

This month has been a weird and strange one, not all of the moments pleasant for me either.

First off my computer decided it was done with the tricks I was putting it through and just quit on me. I was doing fairly well in beginning using my kid's and Howard's, but my daughter is in the last bits of nursing school and under a lot of pressure and wanted access to her computer when she wanted it. I really do understand this and empathize with her all the way.

I have had to wait for my husband Howard's time away from his computer to do what I needed to do. I would just get something done or partially done and he would need to get back on it. This is so understandable. I am spoiled by having my own computer for so long. Bad Marie!!!

I miss all of my pictures and email contacts, I know they are still in there and it will just take some time to get them back. I have tried to keep this blog flowing as best I could. That is debatable.

But where I have failed completely is visiting and reading the many blogs I follow and comment on. I still love you all, I really do!

My other daughter knows someone that is good with computers and he rebuilt me one with my other info in there that I can get to if I figure out how to put this card in there. LOL!!! This computer has gremlins and does what it wants at a very slow pace. I have still been able to post things, so I am still grateful.

My posting rate is slow though. I am sorry.
I mean, really, what is the point of posting on a blog if you can't? Or if it takes so long, you need drinks and 10 valium just to relax after.

My mouse is not working right either and I don't know whether it is the mouse or the computer lag time. LOL!! Yes, I cleaned it.
My PDA decided I needed to make new contacts and removed all of them from its self.

Ok, I will admit that I needed to clean some of them out, but geesh, this is ridiculous.

This is only the electronic stuff that I am sharing with you, the rest is personal. Needless to say I have had a couple of meltdowns. It feels like it is coming too fast and too much.

I started to delete my blog on Friday when it took me forever to do something and Howard stopped me from doing that. I am still thinking about it.

Like a very good friend told me today the only way to go from here is up!!

"Shiver me Infidels" comes from this event on this blog. I love it.
The pirate brooch above is influenced by talk like a pirate day.



  1. oh I know how that feels computer totally blew up early this year and I was so lost!!!!!!

    Thanks for popping by and your latest piece is so much fun!!! you are always so blow me away!!!

    p.s. I am happy you enjoyed the song!!!


  2. It's amazing how important our computers have become. I'm sorry you're having such a problem with yours and other life-stuff. Yes, your friend is right - up is the way to go! Hang in there. I know the feeling - arrrrgggghhhhh!

  3. Oh, I love that pirate brooch!

    And I totally know what you are talking about, not just with technology not working, but also that feeling that life is moving too fast!

    I feel especially happy that - when you have so much going on - you still make the time to visit my blog!!

    Love, Silke

  4. It is a feeling of tremendous loss. I am so sorry you lost yours.
    I had so much work in there.

    Thank you for liking the pirate Diana. He makes me laugh.
    I need laughing now even if I have to make my own.
    The song and your drawing were perfect Diana. Lifted me up!!

  5. Yes it is Susan and I loved my computer. It was like a huge pencil with a brain for me!
    I am sorry too. Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me and I am glad you are still reading.
    I look forward to hearing from everyone!!
    I love writting this blog!
    There are some wonderful people out there! I am lucky enough to have met quite a few!!!

  6. I love reading your blog Silke. At least when life has me down I know one of my blog buddies is having a great time and that is good in my book.
    I can revel in their beauty and light!!... and I feel better, like when I went to your page today.

  7. Empathising madly here ...and thank you for your kindness today :)


  8. aw I'm sorry you've had computer problems! I hope they resolve quickly and I see more of your great creativity here!
    Don't give up just yet!
    I almost did when I was still using dial up and now it's all better... everything will get better don't ya worry.
    like your friend say: nowhere but UP UP UP now!!!!

    Hope you have a better week!

  9. You are so welcome sweet Michelle.
    Seems you and I are having a moment!!
    I could so feel your words.

  10. Onwards and upwards Eh Sofia? At least I am getting some great pieces done. I make stuff to stay sane.

    I just lost my positive vein, it is all spent after this month!!
    The shit tsunami I am going through has too many waves.
    I give up!

  11. I love your pirate! You are always so creative, and don't you even think about deleting your blog. We love you for whatever amount of time we can spend with you. Look up, up, up! You get less neck wrinkles that way!! LOL Love and hugs, Lynda

  12. Hey Mur,
    "It is better to lift up then to push down." =) You know these things happen so that we know what a good day is, right? If they were all good we would just take that for granted. We gotta have one to know the other. Just remember: it will stop screaming if you let it go. OH and to make you laugh: someone asked what time it was and the response was "I don't know, I only work here part time". That's from Alison Knowles found object/assemblage/collage work. Twisty! xxxoo I love you.

  13. Thanks Lynda, he is really one of my favorite pieces. Do you ever have those moments when you are making something and you just sit there and giggle with delight?
    I know I am getting close to what I love when I don't want to give it away or sell it.
    Thank you so much for your encouragement, it means so very, very, much to me!!!
    Too late for the neck wrinkles thing, but great for a laugh. LOL!!!

  14. I love that one Mer!!!
    I also heard today that we have stuff like this or challenges because we are ready to move to a new level and to thank the challenges for the gift they are bringing with them.
    Changing the way I am looking at it!!!
    I love you too Mer! You are my heart!

  15. Marie you make me laugh.


  16. arrrrrggggghhhh Marie! I have one sitting in my studio with a dead HD....with everything on it. It must be the year of dead electronics! BUT....the women of the world shall over come this evil nefarious plot to keep us away from the internet! Shall we plan on planning at SC? 3 days and counting!

  17. Yo ho ho, Marie. Drink a bottle of rum.

    Oh, blasted. I'm so sorry about the computer problems. But please, oh please, do not delete your blog. I understand the frustration, though. Every once in a while, my computer starts lagging or acting funny, and I know it's going to blow up one of these days. My husband was the beloved techno geek. He could fix anything, and I know I will end up throttling a stranger when my computer finally does decide to blow.

    Just hang in there. You'll get it all sorted out eventually.

    I do love this pirate guy, though! Love his face. And his polly-wanna-cracker. Fantastic fun!

  18. Maybe 2 Bella.
    I have some kind of weird thing going on with any thing that uses, makes, or works on batteries or electricity.
    I have even experienced problems with motors, rotors, and machines.
    I am glad you like my pirate. I make stuff to make me happy, I have been very busy!;-D

  19. I love making you laugh Renee!!!

  20. Arrrrgghhhhhhh Kathi sound like a plan to me ;-D

  21. Computers. Can't live with 'em. Can't shoot 'em Well, you can... but then they work even worse than before!

  22. LOL CSGoddess, that is hysterical, thank you!!!


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