Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA.
And to those friends that aren't in the USA...
May the spirit of Thanksgiving grace your heart and tables.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture this!!

I found these little frames, which are actually slide holders.
These look great in scrap books.
I used them for templates and made some clay frames which can also be used in scrapbooks, made in to jewelry, or magnets.
What about Christmas ornaments with pictures in them?

You will need:

Cernit Biscuit, White, or Opaque white (You can use other colors, I just used these for these pictures)
Clay machine
Clay slicing blade
Exacto-type blade
Pinata inks
Slide frames
small stencil brush
Metallic inks (brilliance, MicaMagic, these heat set and are permanent)

All links above lead to my husband's on-line store, the Clay Factory, as always thank you for looking
Condition and roll out your clay on the 3rd thickest setting in your clay machine.
Lay the slide frame on the clay and trace around it cutting with your blade.

I have better luck cutting with a exacto type blade on the inside of the frame.
You can stipple with a stiff stencil brush.
Put on a little Pinata alcohol ink.

Then add another color and daub with a paper towel to blend (Kind of) ;-D
You can bake this one just like this or...

Stamp with gold metallic ink and bake. Tah-dah frame done! Scrapbook and flexible frames.
What about a necklace?
I will play with this later for ya!

Here is another way. Roll out the sheet of clay and then roll through with a piece of lace fabric to texture.
Cut out frame from this sheet.

Highlighted with Distress ink so you can see the texture. This wonderful ink (love for my cards) is not the best to use with Polymer clay, it really never dries and will rub off. Great for step by photos though, YAY!

Here it is colored with another metallic ink and then blushed with a gold ink to further accent.
Bake and go! That scrapbook is waiting. Also you can glue to the cover or paper with a small bead of glue along each side and the bottom and you will be able to slip a small photo in and out of it when the glue has dried..

Here is another way. Roll out your clay on the above setting and then roll through with a texture plate.

Ink and bake.

Back with more on this later.
Happy Tuesday, ya'll.
Have a great week, go play now!
I love you to the moon and back!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- Step right up!

I know, it has been a while.
I have had this in the back of my mind for a while.
One of my blog buddies even did a post on it, you can see Nicole's thoughts on this trend here 
and here

So you see shoes have become the latest art form and I do not mind at all, even though some of them seem quite ridiculous.
I have always wondered how one could walk in these, they are way higher than any platform I ever wore.

I do love these though, they are Steve Maddens and you can get them from

These are works of art and the have 18 k gold heels. "Crafted by Mai Lamore, don’t degrade them by tagging them as mere shoes as they are no less than a work of art. They 27,000$ plus."

I would never wear them outside and they best be the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on and kiss my little tootsies as I walk too.
I got this pic from

How about shoes in shoes as a statement from DIS magazine 
This might be a great choice for a Day of the Dead wedding theme.

Now these from the Prada Spring 2012 collection, I believe these to be truly some of my most favorites and you can see more at this site 

They have others that look like they have tail lights on the heels, you know the ones that look something like bullets. I believe 50's cars, like Chevy's had them.

Christian Louboutin Deja Vu Slingbacks, $1595 via Christian Louboutin
And these Louboutins rock my world.
Eye adore them.
Also from
What an awesome website!

Ok, maybe it is me, but I think we are moving in to the space age with aliens invading the planet.
Heelless shoes??? WTF? These are amazing.
Do people really wear them though??
I want to see the video!
Are your bunions and toes just screaming seeing this?
Also from, can you understand why I love this site?
Gives me an idea of the money wasted on foolish things, while people do not have health insurance.
That is always good for a laugh in the morning.

Here is another wonderful blog with a real persons view of shoes. Unique Style.
Some of these would definitely qualify as art.
Photo by Tommy Ton
Check out the rest of the blog too.

So if I look at these as art, I feel better about the prices and the looks. I would never wear them though for fear of getting them wet and breaking my leg or maybe even having worse back problems than I already have.
I do, though, love the design aspect of these and the ideas that bloom in my head from just looking at them.
Now those google eyes ones I would wear, I will have to use my glue gun and payless shoes though.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Finished onthe 15th, Fave Crafts Blog hop

Today is the Fave Crafts Blog Hop Finished on the 15th. It is about recycled products.
Click on the blog hop button above to go there and see all of the recycled crafts. Or cut and paste below
It is a contest again if you feel like voting.

I have been busy with life and finding less and less time as we are getting towards all of the holidays. There are so many things to do when your granddaughter is almost 3. Santa pictures, play, Christmas crafts, play, play, play, play, and more play. She is in to role playing now and I have been all of her friends, her stuffed animals, TV friends, swiper, and Uniqua (TV characters). It is fun, so I am behind.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone and may someone like my grand daughter light your life up and show you how to remember how to play and imagine!!

Here is my latest tin can project "Tin Can Taco box".
Just add food.
The instructions to cover the box are from the last Blog hop and here. 
You could even make a pumpkin with out the face for thanksgiving treats.
Have a great Holiday.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's talk Turkey!

Gobble, Gobble!!

I thought it would be fun to have a tutorial on a simple turkey.
This could be made in to a magnet or pin.

You will need:

Caramel Cernit
Opaque White Cernit
Poppy red Cernit just a pinch
Orange Cernit
Black Cernit just a pinch
Clay Machine
Clay Slicing Blade
Bamboo skewer
Sun like cutter from Flowers and leaves Makin's clay cutter set
5/16" Kemper Kutter flower
3/4" Kemper Kutter Round

Condition Opaque White clay and roll out in the clay machine on the 4th thickest setting. You can roll through the machine several times to get a nice smooth sheet.

Cut out one of the sun "like" shaped cutters and lay on work surface.

Condition and roll out the caramel on the 3rd thickest setting. Cut out one of the sun "Like" shapes.
Place the caramel one on top of the white one and off set it so the whites points show between the Caramel points.

Flatten the two together with the palm of your hand, preferably the rounded cup of your palm.

Cut out two circles of Caramel out of the round 3/4" cutter. Put them together and roll into a ball. Then using your forefinger roll on one side of the ball and rolling in to a bowling pin shape.

Like so!

With the back of the clay blade (careful now!) Make a mark about 1/8" to 1/4" down from the top of the small end of clay bowling pin shape.

Bend the tip over at the mark.

Place the bowling pin caramel shapeon the  two cut out sun "like" shapes and press the thicker end to the shapes like you see in the picture.

Make marks with the end of your blade around the turkey body where the indents are around the outside of the sun points in the brown flower/sun are. This step is optional, but does add a little more to the turkey.

Roll out the orange clay on the 2nd thickest setting and cut out two of the 5/16" flower.
Push them out of the cutter and pinch two of the petals of the flower together.

Place the flowers that are now feet, with the pinched petals in the back,under the thick flattened end of the bowling pin caramel shape.

Cut out another flower shape.
We are just going to use this for the size, so roll that flower in to a little ball.

Roll on one side of the ball  to shape it in to a shape it in to a little teardrop.

Just like this.
Place this little teardrop thick end first on the end of the bowling pin caramel top of the bowling pin.
You will able to see it in the picture after I put the eyes on.

Roll out a very small coil of black and cut off a tiny, tiny section.

Cut two of them and roll them into balls.

They a will be very small, like a 1/16".

Here is the placement of eyes and beak.

Now we are going to make the pieces for the waddle. Roll out a small coil of the poppy red.
Cut off  two short pieces and one long one.

Roll them all in to balls and then roll them in to elongated teardrops.

Place one of the two small ones on top of the head.
Then place the other.

You can see where the red pieces go, here.

Looking a little like a turkey now.

Poke two holes in the beak, so he can breathe.

With the side of the flower cutter mark the chest with marks for feathers.

Like this.

 Use the flowers cutter and cut out four flowers  out of the caramel sheet that is rolled out on the3rd thickest setting.

Put two together and roll in to a ball.
Do that with the other two.

Roll those into teardrops.

Flatten those teardrops.

With the back of the blade mark both wings on the tips.

Now mark the wings with the flower cutter and mark horizontal marks on the tips too.

Place the wings on the thick end of the body.

Your turkey is done.