Sunday, November 6, 2011

My little Foofa!

Madi did Halloween as Foofa! She was so cute.
Foofa is a character from Yogabbagabba, one of her favorite shows on TV.
We sing all of the songs and even I, know most of them by heart.
My little Foofa patiently waiting to go!
We visited some scary places.

Met some scary people!

Loved this house.

I loved this fence.

Cool, Huh?

Another great place!

This house was the best and the people very nice!

Madi said "can I come in?" LOL!

My little Foofa was quite a trooper and walked the couple of miles by herself.
She got lots of goodies and was only scared once by a talking skull, as long as they do not talk she was fine with them, LOL!!


  1. Awwww, so sweeeet! She looks like a pink Hershey's kiss. I love watching the little ones trick or treat!


  2. She is getting so big! ADORABLE! I miss taking the kids trick-or-treating. I'm glad you had a fun time. :) Xox

  3. Wow some nice decorations on the houses. Your Madi is so cute OM just too cute.

  4. Your little Foofa is adorable Marie! Looks like a fun Halloween together!! :)

  5. I don't know Foofa, but this little very cute Foofa is looking soooo adorable! I wish i can dress up really creepy some day...ofcourse upthere in the U.S.A. :-) I'm so jelours of you guys :-( (in a good way) Yes, one day i will celebrate Halloween too!
    Uphere we have Sint Maarten/Saint Marten on the 11th of November. I guess i allready told you once huh? Kids collecting candy from door too door,but without the costumes, without lightened gardens and houses,without pumpkins...ok, some pumpkins maybe, but thats just since the last couple years. Oh, and the kids are holding some kind of light in their hands and singing songs. It's just not that big as Halloween unfortunately

  6. Madi looks so cute! I have no idea what a Foofa is - my youngest is 10 ("and a half, MOM!") so it's been a while since we watched children's TV. My oldest was the Teletubby Po when he was 2, the youngest was Winnie the Pooh :). Madi was pretty brave to go up to all those spooky houses - my kids hung all over my legs and had to be dragged to every house. We only went around the block LOL. Sounds like you had a great Halloween :D


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