Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my friends, family, and blog buddies, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
May you have warmth in your heart and in your tummy.
Gobble till you wobble!
Love and hugs,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Winners and Madi ramble

Gramma says she sorry, she has been so busy. Her and I got the flu last week, that was a little messy, but mostly for gramma. I am feeling a lot better. Gramma is too.

It is cold where we are, at least I think it is cold, first cold I have ever had. It is mostly warm here all of the time. My hands, my feet and my nose seem to be cold constantly. Gramma says that some people have cold where they live like the freezer on our refrigerator, boy that is really cold.

Gramma has been telling me about Thanksgiving. That is a holiday coming this week in America where I live. I just found that out too. Thanksgiving and America. So much to learn, some of it seems rather silly to me but I like the idea of being grateful. I am too, for my mom, my gramma, my poppa, my aunts, warm blankets and I am so grateful for food, I really like it.

Gramma wants me to let you know that she is very grateful for all of you and for her family. That means me too, I am family.

8th giveaway winners

Anyway back to what I came on to tell you, Gramma told me to tell all of you that entered the 8th giveaway that she is going to give each of you a book. Please get back to her with your addresses because everyone of you won!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, remember to be grateful!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

8th giveaway- Clever Clay Creations by Shelly Comiskey

This is darling little book with sweet designs and easy to follow instructions created by the talented Shelly Comiskey. Shelly does cute like no one else. 
Go to her website to see what I am talking about.
It was published in 1997 and has been out of print for a while. I have found it on line for as much as
97.00$ :-O. I have a few copies and I am going to give away one for the 8th giveaway.
These are brand new copies. I found them in a box of stuff that had gotten shoved to the back of a shelf. They have been wrapped up and tucked away for a few years.
Leave a comment on this blog.

Clever Clay Creations: 11 Cute Polymer Clay Projects for All Through the Year (Paperback, 1997)

Author: Shelly Comiskey
Price: $64.20

Good Luck!!!

Here is the reason I am having giveaways

Closing this giveaway on the 18th of November at 6 pm pst.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Madi's 1st Halloween!

Madi and her best friends all went Trick or Treating last night.
This is Madi at the restaurant just chillin before the big event.
Their parents had as much or more fun than they did.

DJ was wearing his uncle's costume from the 80's. How cool his grandfather saved it all this time.
Costumes were so well made back then.

The horns glowed in the dark and there were little devils painted all around the bottom of the cape.
Handsome guy!

Madi's bff Sere was a delicate flower.
This girl has the most stunning eyes ever.

Now C's dad has been waiting on this for years and he could hardly wait for the big event.
C is a totally cooperative kid of gentle nature and goes along with his dad on almost anything.
He had two costumes.
He was fly in the first one.
LOL!!! Isn't this hysterical?

Omg!! I laughed so hard.

And this is the second costume.
Time for a brief nap before we get to the heavy Trick or Treating.

This is so cute.

Now I know you all think that I dressed miss Madi in a witch's costume, but no...

Children of the corn!!!
Notice the lovely silk draping down her neck and the candy corn pacifier.

She had green shorts and corn husks too.
All the kids had a great time flirting with each person and scored lots of candy for their parents to eat.
I was overwhelmed by cuteness and had to take a small nap when I got home.

*names were changed to protect the innocent.