Monday, November 23, 2009

Winners and Madi ramble

Gramma says she sorry, she has been so busy. Her and I got the flu last week, that was a little messy, but mostly for gramma. I am feeling a lot better. Gramma is too.

It is cold where we are, at least I think it is cold, first cold I have ever had. It is mostly warm here all of the time. My hands, my feet and my nose seem to be cold constantly. Gramma says that some people have cold where they live like the freezer on our refrigerator, boy that is really cold.

Gramma has been telling me about Thanksgiving. That is a holiday coming this week in America where I live. I just found that out too. Thanksgiving and America. So much to learn, some of it seems rather silly to me but I like the idea of being grateful. I am too, for my mom, my gramma, my poppa, my aunts, warm blankets and I am so grateful for food, I really like it.

Gramma wants me to let you know that she is very grateful for all of you and for her family. That means me too, I am family.

8th giveaway winners

Anyway back to what I came on to tell you, Gramma told me to tell all of you that entered the 8th giveaway that she is going to give each of you a book. Please get back to her with your addresses because everyone of you won!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, remember to be grateful!


  1. Oh Madi, you are The Most Adorable Baby and you have The Sweetest Gramma in the World! **blows kisses** Deb

  2. I'm glad you and Madi are feeling better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get all better soon!

  3. oh my heavens!!!! what a sweetie pie Madi is ...and her Grandma is sweet too...for being so giving!!! I never win anything so how lucky am I!!! are we all!!!! thank you are always an inspiration and your giving and thoughtfulness are so so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! Wishing you a wonderful week...and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  4. Thank you Susan, you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!
    Gobble till you wobble!!

  5. Oh thank you so much Marie! You are extremely generous!! I'm so sorry you and Madi were sick but I sure hope you're feeling better!
    I'll email you now and thanks also for commenting on my blog♥

  6. Thank you from both of us Deborah!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Thank you Diana, I am so glad you won, the times are changing.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Cole also!

  8. You are so welcome Darla.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  9. Thank you so much, Marie! I would love to have one of the books. So sorry you guys have been ill..dratted flu bug! Madi is so precious, and I love your new banner! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and thank you for keeping Lisa in your thoughts!!

  10. I love the banner of Madi myself, it was so fun to make.
    Write me with you address again Lynda so I don't have to look it up.
    Good luck with everything.

  11. How on Earth did I miss out on this one???

    Congrats to all the winners! And congrats to the wonderful grandma on her gorgeous grandbaby!

  12. Gramma..what a sweet cherub Madi is. Just adorable :)


  13. What a lovely surprise this morning to find your sweet comment -- I am SO thrilled that I will receive a copy of the little book. :) :) :) Thanks SO much -- you made my day! :)

    I hope you and little Madi feel WAY better now. I also want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks again!!! :)

    Happy creating,

  14. Marie!! Madi is so cute .... what a beautiful face!!
    Glad your feeling better!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  15. That is so generous of your grandma.

    Marie, Madi is an adorable little button. I love her.

    Renee xoxo

  16. How very sweet you are!!
    Hope you are feeling better and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :)

  17. She's so precious!

    Congrats to all!

  18. AWWWWWW, how can you look at that face and NOT smile and be thankful??? She is incredibly cute, all bundled up like that. Yes, wrap me up in a blanket, please! And Marie! Hahahaha, the header! That is brilliant!

    I'm so glad you and Madi are feeling better. OH MY STARS, you are immensely generous! Wowie, I am FLOORED and overwhelmed. Thank you so very, very much, sister Marie!

  19. Wishing you & yours a most blessed Thanksgiving!

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:

  20. Oh my gosh! How exciting!!Thank you!!!!!

  21. I'm so excited about winning the book. I sent my address via email so I hope you got it okay. This is so generous!! Thanks again!!



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