Sunday, November 1, 2009

Madi's 1st Halloween!

Madi and her best friends all went Trick or Treating last night.
This is Madi at the restaurant just chillin before the big event.
Their parents had as much or more fun than they did.

DJ was wearing his uncle's costume from the 80's. How cool his grandfather saved it all this time.
Costumes were so well made back then.

The horns glowed in the dark and there were little devils painted all around the bottom of the cape.
Handsome guy!

Madi's bff Sere was a delicate flower.
This girl has the most stunning eyes ever.

Now C's dad has been waiting on this for years and he could hardly wait for the big event.
C is a totally cooperative kid of gentle nature and goes along with his dad on almost anything.
He had two costumes.
He was fly in the first one.
LOL!!! Isn't this hysterical?

Omg!! I laughed so hard.

And this is the second costume.
Time for a brief nap before we get to the heavy Trick or Treating.

This is so cute.

Now I know you all think that I dressed miss Madi in a witch's costume, but no...

Children of the corn!!!
Notice the lovely silk draping down her neck and the candy corn pacifier.

She had green shorts and corn husks too.
All the kids had a great time flirting with each person and scored lots of candy for their parents to eat.
I was overwhelmed by cuteness and had to take a small nap when I got home.

*names were changed to protect the innocent.


  1. Oh, if this isn't the cutest Halloween post ever!! They are all adorable, but Children of the Corn?!? What a great idea!! You must have all loved going out with these little ones... Hugs, Silke

  2. I just slipped into a diabetic coma...tooooooo sweet! They are all so adorable!

  3. I just love the corn cob costume - brilliant.

  4. Madi is adorable as a corn child!
    All those kids are so cute..
    I bet it fun seeing all the people ohhing and awwing over the kiddo's...
    And cool grandpa saving a costume~

    That was fun and now on to Thanksgiving...can Christmas be right around the corner... Heavy Sigh~

  5. AAAAAAHHHHHH! They are sooooo adorable. This is the best array of Halloween celebrants! I love each and everyone of them and my favorite Madi, ever so cute and darling. Oh I am with Deborah, I am in a coma from off the charts sweetness.

  6. OMG OMG OMG! How cuuuuuuuuuuuute is this?!!! Children of the Corn...BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Hey, isn't there some child labor law broken here? Sending all these babes out to work for candy that all the grown ups enjoy? Hmph!

    Happy November!

  7. Hello to Sweet Corn Madi!

    I read your comment on Deborah's blog Marie and I busted out laughing. I don't know what control mean either. You go girl!

  8. Bella is right. Who ate the candy? HAHAHA!

  9. They're all so adorable! I just love babes in costume!!

  10. what a sweet bunch of cuties! Too bad we don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands :-( Yes, in a couple stores you see some Halloweenstuff just for fun. We celebrate Sint Maarten/Saint Marten on the 11th of november. children sing songs and also collect candy with a lantern holding in their hands, but not dressed up in nice costumes and nothing scary at all.....sad isn't it.

  11. Thank you Silke, it is pretty cute.
    I had a wonderful time, they(the little ones) could have cared less. It was more the people to talk to, the pretty lights, and a couple of poops here and there. It is really basic for them, I think I love that about babies, the bare facts of life and no drama.
    Eat when your hungry, cry if no one understands, and poop in your pants.

  12. They are sweet, aren't they?
    Deborah no coma, you are in control!!
    Still haven't figured that word out yet!!
    There is another closet!!

  13. Thank you Purest Green!!
    Nice veggie costume.

  14. Thanks Pattee, she is a cutie and so are all the rest of the kiddies.
    These are all parents and kids from my daughters lamaze class.

    Oh thanks Pattee, for throwing a wrench in to my revelry.
    I am going back in time to the 25th of October.

  15. Sweetness all the time Ces. I could eat it!!!

  16. I should have said child of the corn Bella!! LOL!!
    I am sure there is, isn't there a law for everything?
    Happy November to you dearest!!

  17. Ces, I was like that is such a foreign word, I had to go look it up. LOL!!
    Made me feel bad when I realised I had none.

  18. I think so too Darla. I love babies in costume and dancing hip hop!! LOL!!

  19. Well you can do what I do and make your own traditions So Dark So Cute!!
    When everyone sees you are having so much fun they will follow you!!

    But in another way, the fact that you have the holidays you do makes the world so wonderful and juicy in its diversity!
    I love that about going to different lands and seeing what others do and how they play and celebrate, so rich!!

  20. Marie - they are all so adorable. You must have been in stitches giggling at their cuteness. LOL!!! I laughed out loud looking at them. Reminds me of when mine were little grubs. Good days. :) xo Pam

  21. wow that is some first Halloween for Madi...lovely photos Marie!!! thank you for sharing these!!!

    I will be hosting some weekly giveaways so pop by and tell all your friends too!!!


  22. They are all so cute! What fun for all. And Madi's costume is so neat..her creative Grandma!!

  23. Oh my God Marie how I love seeing all these adorable cuties.

    Miss Mattie is to good to be a child of the corn.

    And by the way I cannot wait to use the line 'cancer is the leprosy of our times.'

    Love Renee xoxo

  24. Sister Marie, Renee called you a demon. Go check!

  25. Dear Demon;

    D = Dear-heart!
    E = Everyone should have someone like you.
    M = Marry me?
    O = Only you for me.
    N = Near to my heart.

    You and Deborah are demons and Ces is trying to make it a bad thing.

    All I could think of is Marie is the queen of Halloween and would love to be a demon.


  26. I could look at these babies for ever. They are dolls especially our little Maddi.

    Marie I forgot to tell you that when I was at Jacquie's yesterday she has the picture you made of Sheldon in her pill box right beside her and she looks at it all the time.

    Thank you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  27. And a lovely day to you, beautiful Ms. Heart full of Fabulous Art!
    ♥ Deb

  28. Hi Marie,,, what sweet little trick or treaters. They are just adorable. I love the cute little monkey! :) I hope everyone had fun! Have a great weekend and happy creating.. (()) always, gail

  29. CUTE Hallowe'en kiddies! '-)

    Happy Weekend

    Chris (-:

  30. Marie I am totally blown away. I never see you write like that and what you wrote about Sandy made my heart burst with joy.

    Thank you for that amazing gift of your words.

    Love Renee xoxo

  31. Marie my sister Camille made a comment about your comment.


  32. Oh. These are SO CUTE!! it's amazing that everyone was so good in front of the camera! Great shots.

  33. Hi Marie!!! I had to pop back and say hi!!! and check out that corn costume once again...what a riot!!!


  34. People born in November are awesome.

    When is your birthday?


  35. There you are sweet Madi! Tsup!

  36. Hello sweet thang. Did you drool on Grandma today? TSUP!

  37. Oh

    I just love all the little ones dressed up for Halloween. Theses little ones are especially adorable! Corn never looked so sweet!

  38. What sweetheart? What did you learn from that post? That I have a temper? Hehehe!

  39. Well nekkid does not bother me really but the hanging may be too much? I love your reaction to your baby's drawing Marie. Yes, I like drawing nudes. I don't have a model thought so I improvise.

    Still loving Madi's photographs. The corn candy costumes is so cute!

  40. Yes! I have a bad temper. A very bad temper. I try to control it but it is Zeus with a lightning bolt. Uhm. Can't tell the stories, might scare you away, you sweet thing Marie!

    Maybe your daughter should be a medical anatomy illustrator? Heheheh!

  41. I will always be hurt by children starvig too Marie.



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