Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The year begins anew! Welcome 2017!

Howard and Marie Segal 2016
2017 is here and I for one am ready for the changing. The Energy of the new year is floating in and it "feels" good. I feel good, if a little beat about the head from last year, but still standing and increasing my skills.
I am going overseas to Germany to teach at Galerie Freisleben in Uber sea, I am grateful for the chance to do this, thank you Ariane, this is a beautiful studio and bed and breakfast, a wonderful place to play with the creative spirit.
A dream come true actually.

Here is the link to the workshop page
If you click on the Galerie Logo square at the top of the left side of the link above, it will show you the wonderful Galerie in beautiful pictures. Otherwise all the links for all the classes that Ariane is giving for 2017 are all listed in the page the link above opens.
Please have a look there are some amazing classes here every year!
Iris Mishly, Angela Garrod, Christine Dumont, and Melanie West to name this year's lineup, oh, and me!
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Come see me if you have the chance for a full weekend of playing with the creativity in the room.  LOVE that!
For the rest of you that read my blog, may the new year of 2017 be gently kind to you this year and may it be filled with health, happiness, and abundance in every way!
Be kind  you have no idea the things people are going through inside or in their lives, be the love that is missing there!
Love and hugs to all of you,
Marie and the better half in my life, Howard