Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- Step right up!

I know, it has been a while.
I have had this in the back of my mind for a while.
One of my blog buddies even did a post on it, you can see Nicole's thoughts on this trend here
and here

So you see shoes have become the latest art form and I do not mind at all, even though some of them seem quite ridiculous.
I have always wondered how one could walk in these, they are way higher than any platform I ever wore.

I do love these though, they are Steve Maddens and you can get them from Heels.com

These are works of art and the have 18 k gold heels. "Crafted by Mai Lamore, don’t degrade them by tagging them as mere shoes as they are no less than a work of art. They 27,000$ plus."

I would never wear them outside and they best be the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on and kiss my little tootsies as I walk too.
I got this pic from http://elitechoice.org

How about shoes in shoes as a statement from DIS magazine
This might be a great choice for a Day of the Dead wedding theme.

Now these from the Prada Spring 2012 collection, I believe these to be truly some of my most favorites and you can see more at this site Talkshoes.com

They have others that look like they have tail lights on the heels, you know the ones that look something like bullets. I believe 50's cars, like Chevy's had them.

Christian Louboutin Deja Vu Slingbacks, $1595 via Christian Louboutin
And these Louboutins rock my world.
Eye adore them.
Also from Talkshoes.com
What an awesome website!

Ok, maybe it is me, but I think we are moving in to the space age with aliens invading the planet.
Heelless shoes??? WTF? These are amazing.
Do people really wear them though??
I want to see the video!
Are your bunions and toes just screaming seeing this?
Also from Talkshoes.com, can you understand why I love this site?
Gives me an idea of the money wasted on foolish things, while people do not have health insurance.
That is always good for a laugh in the morning.

Here is another wonderful blog with a real persons view of shoes. Unique Style.
Some of these would definitely qualify as art.
Photo by Tommy Ton
Check out the rest of the blog too.

So if I look at these as art, I feel better about the prices and the looks. I would never wear them though for fear of getting them wet and breaking my leg or maybe even having worse back problems than I already have.
I do, though, love the design aspect of these and the ideas that bloom in my head from just looking at them.
Now those google eyes ones I would wear, I will have to use my glue gun and payless shoes though.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. We just took a class from Madline Nicholls for shoe art. it was so fun to paint on our shoes, we absolutely loved it. I need to get pictures uploaded and post for the blog. I for one am loving shoes as art

  2. Now that is art to me too!!
    I wish I could have taken that class with you!!
    I have a perfect pair of Dr. Martens too!!
    I would love to see that link.
    Let me know when you get them up!

  3. Ohhh thanks for adding my shoe posts to yours. You know how much I love shoes. I have tried those healess shoes. NOT FUN LOL
    Love this display.

  4. No problem Nicole. I loved your posts.
    Glad I could share them!!

  5. Love seeing Daphne Guinness in her Alexander McQueen shoes! She once said she "fell off" her shoes!

    Funny thing to say! I can see how that could happen though. How does one even take a step with no heel?

  6. i often think that is a shame that i cannot pull off wearing HIGH heels for my academy award speech...


  7. oh wow!!! those are some shoes!!!!!


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