Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture this!!

I found these little frames, which are actually slide holders.
These look great in scrap books.
I used them for templates and made some clay frames which can also be used in scrapbooks, made in to jewelry, or magnets.
What about Christmas ornaments with pictures in them?

You will need:

Cernit Biscuit, White, or Opaque white (You can use other colors, I just used these for these pictures)
Clay machine
Clay slicing blade
Exacto-type blade
Pinata inks
Slide frames
small stencil brush
Metallic inks (brilliance, MicaMagic, these heat set and are permanent)

All links above lead to my husband's on-line store, the Clay Factory, as always thank you for looking
Condition and roll out your clay on the 3rd thickest setting in your clay machine.
Lay the slide frame on the clay and trace around it cutting with your blade.

I have better luck cutting with a exacto type blade on the inside of the frame.
You can stipple with a stiff stencil brush.
Put on a little Pinata alcohol ink.

Then add another color and daub with a paper towel to blend (Kind of) ;-D
You can bake this one just like this or...

Stamp with gold metallic ink and bake. Tah-dah frame done! Scrapbook and flexible frames.
What about a necklace?
I will play with this later for ya!

Here is another way. Roll out the sheet of clay and then roll through with a piece of lace fabric to texture.
Cut out frame from this sheet.

Highlighted with Distress ink so you can see the texture. This wonderful ink (love for my cards) is not the best to use with Polymer clay, it really never dries and will rub off. Great for step by photos though, YAY!

Here it is colored with another metallic ink and then blushed with a gold ink to further accent.
Bake and go! That scrapbook is waiting. Also you can glue to the cover or paper with a small bead of glue along each side and the bottom and you will be able to slip a small photo in and out of it when the glue has dried..

Here is another way. Roll out your clay on the above setting and then roll through with a texture plate.

Ink and bake.

Back with more on this later.
Happy Tuesday, ya'll.
Have a great week, go play now!
I love you to the moon and back!!


  1. What a cool idea. Can't wait to see them with pics inside.
    Have a great Thanksgiving, Marie!

  2. Fantastic, Marie!!! Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving! :)

  3. You are one creative lady. Love the wee slide cover frames. Endless possibilities!

  4. You are just too cleaver. What a great idea.

  5. Oooh! You are just brimming with creativity. What a great idea!

    Have a superfantastic Thanksgiving! xoxoxo

  6. Hey, do you need more slide mounts? I am slowly putting my slides on discs, so I have lots....just let me know....


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