Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Which witch is it??

This is a new witch brooch, it comes with its own stand.
I am in love with this lady.

And her one eyed purple friend.
Base is Cernit Sienna and the cauldron has Glow in the dark Cernit mixed with Neon Green Cernit slime in it.
All pieces are hand made by me with Cernit, Artistic wire in brown 16 gauge and Dark Blue in 24 gauge.
She stands 5 1/4" in the stand and the witch brooch herself in 4 3/4" from the top of her hat to the tip of her toes.
It is 3 1/4" wide at the widest point.


  1. I laugh my head off at you guys and Halloween. You guys (as in all of you) love Halloween like I like Christmas and my birthday.

    Madi is amazing and yes she can have two favourites, but when she meets Bella she will drop us like hot potatoes.


  2. Very cute! You've done it again!

  3. Wow Marie that is a very cool brooch!'
    I was coming to say thank you about the witch I did only to find this amazing brooch you did!

    I love your posts Marie....

  4. This is the cutest witch evah! I love Halloween! I have a collection of Halloween figurines. I love everything about it. Down with the politically correct killjoys! My kids celebrated Halloween and they are as normal as can be. In fact the boy is too normal, giving me normal headaches and worries like a 16 year old teenage son does!

    The only thing I don't like about Halloween is corn candy! bring in the chocolates!

    Marie you are brilliant. I tried to sculpt and i could not think of anything except little fruits - so blah! I will show you what I did once. maybe I should start again since I can't draw anyway.

  5. So cool! I agree with Renee. Bet Madi's going to love the house at Halloween. Do you go all out on decorating for the holiday?

  6. Yeeeheeeheeee! Cackle cackle cackle!! What FUN! Hahaha. This is fantastic, but I especially like the purply cyclops dude. He looks a bit tired. HA!

    Oh, Marie, I cannot stop smiling (I just made a typo and wrote 'sliming'). Congrats to Ces for winning that fabulous prize. Madi is OH SO SOOOOOOOO adorable! I want to gobble her up. And I went nuts over your flowered flower pot. That was gorgeous. Who needs flowers when you have that pot!

  7. Popping in to say hello & enjoy your weekend! :-)


  8. Oh, this is so much fun! You know, I have a feeling I'll be much more in the Halloween spirit this year through all the spooky activity on all the blogs... Hope you are doing well. I've missed you while on vacation!!! Love, Silke

  9. Oh Renee I probably love Halloween more because I manufactured for retail for so many years. By the time Christmas came I was a puddle of speechless incoherence. I also think it is because I could be childlike and carefree, dress up as a witch and get away with it. LOL!!
    Madi is so full of love that she will just add Bella to the rest of you wonderful aunties. She indeed feels very very blessed to have you all.

  10. Thank you so much Pattee!!
    I just love your witch!!
    Have a great weekend Pattee.

  11. Ces, Thank you so much!! I love halloween so much.
    It must be very interesting to have boys, I have no idea how they act. All girls here.
    Mix candy corn with salted peanuts and it tastes just like Paydays candy bars. That is the best way to eat it.

    Little fruits is a start, lol in the beginning my stuff was very simple but after 30 years there is some progress.
    I also had all of these wonderful ideas and I could not make my imagination come out of my hands no matter what I did and then as I built my skills up that slowly started to change.
    We all start in the beginning and I will have to show you my first pieces in polymer clay. LOL!! the funniest things.

  12. LOL!! Lynda I have not decorated for awhile, but now I have a great reason too!!

  13. Hey Bella the Cyclops guy is one of my favorites too. I love his sleepy look, just happened not planned, and I left it that way.
    It is because he sleeps all day and prowls at night looking for candy corn.

    I am so glad Ces won too, plus it made me laugh out loud. My computer is broken and I have had little time on any one else’s computer, so I was sad and then I smiled and laughed huge. So it was good.

    I think Madi is so cute; it is hard for me not to squeeze her too hard.
    I love that pot too and when I get it planted for Madi’s mom I will put a picture up. It is even going to be cute with the plant in it. I just love the colors too!!

  14. Hello Darlink, have a wonderful weekend youself!!!
    Love and hugs.

  15. Hi Silke, it is very easy to be into Halloween when we see all of the incredible works on the blogs. I don't have enough time in the day.
    I am glad you are back safe and sound!!!

  16. holy smokes Marie!!! this is so neat....I love it!!! your witch creations are so much fun!!!

    I have to create some more Halloween inspired pieces...


  17. Thanks Diana!

    Yes I do believe you need to make some more Halloween inspired stuff. I can hardly wait to see more. I loved the last witch!!


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