Saturday, September 12, 2009

Witch Bottle- made from real witches

No witches were harmed in the making of this bottle!
Inspired by Marzel's Challenge
Marzels' Bottle
Danni's Bottle
Creativity inspired by other bloggers= amazing and fun!


  1. oh wow Marie!!! this is always come up with some amazing pieces...and I love seeing all of your work!!!


  2. Wonderful bottles of witch's potion bottles

  3. Made from read witches! Oh no - those poor witches. I hope there is a spell to turn them back to their previous forms!

  4. Well! We know where my mind is. I thought the word BOO was 800 as in $800. So there we have it. cecille's mind is on the money.

    Where's my friend the Cutey Potootie Madi?

  5. Thank you Diana so much!!
    I love the encouragement; it means so much to me!!!
    I feel the same about your work, it is very inspiring.

  6. As soon as I open the bottle they can come back Green.
    Please don't worry. LOL!!

  7. Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful Ces??
    My mind is on the money too!! LOL!!

    Madi is hanging out with her little friends from lamaze class- the baby boos.
    They were born a month a part and all of them are really cute babies, really cute.

  8. HA! Loved that title. And also that no witches were harmed.

    Very cute! I'm off to see the others, too...

  9. Thanks for stopping by Chris.
    Have a great week and watch out for witches.

  10. No witches were harmed. And that's a good thing???

    SUCH a cute idea, Marie!

  11. I love witches. It is a good thing.

    Thank you Bella!


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