Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flower cane and Bottle of hope- part 3

This is the next flower cane and it will have a background to it. It is continued from part 2 here

Also in case you haven't noticed, I have added colors and amounts to this and the last "you will need" list.

You will need:

Violet Cernit- 1, 2.2 ounce packages
Opaque White Cernit- 3, 2.2 ounce packages
Black Cernit-1, 2.2 ounce packages
Yellow Cernit- 1. 2.2 ounce package
Blue Cernit- 1, 2.2 ounce package
Porcelain White Cernit- large package 1.1 pound
Clay Machine
Clay Slicing Blade
Acrylic roller

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Mix all of the colors, even the black and opaque white with an equal amount of porcelain white.

45. Take another section of the 1/2" diameter petal cane that you rolled down from the instructions in part 2.
Cut 5- 2" sections.

46. Make a pinch in the end of the 2" section where the black lines meet on one side.
Turn to the other end and make a pinch in the same side on the other end of the 2" cane section.
Sometimes the pinches will line up along the length and sometimes they will be off like this.
Rock the ends of the cane back and forth to line the end pinches up.

47. Like this! Do this to each of the 5 sections.

48. Now lay them on your work surface and press them into petals.
Place one of your fingers at the end of the cane and use the finger on the other hand to press the coil in to a teardrop by moving towards your other finger holding the end of the cane.
I do not show this here, but that is how I do it.
I need one hand to take the pictures though.
Press only on one side of the length of the section.
Make the point of the petal into a point down the length of the 2" section.
Do this to all 5 sections.

49. Place three of the petals together in a fan shape with the points of the petals in the middle leaving a little channel in the center of the points.

50. Place a small coil of yellow in to the channel that you have made. This little coil is about 1/8" in diameter.

51. Put the other two petals in place in the grouping. Move the petals around so that they are coming out from the center of the cane center equally and evenly.

Turn the flower over and do the same thing to the other side of the flower.
Set this aside to work on the next part of this cane. We are going to be making another shaded cane out of blue and white to pack the outside of this flower with.

52. Roll out some of the white you have in the clay machine on the thickest setting.
You will want a sheet of white that is double and 2" high and the width of the clay machine.
I always make the sheets the width of my pasta machine so they don't get all wonky on my while I am rolling them in the Skinner Blend Process.

53. With your blade start at the top in the left corner and 3/4" down on the other side cut out a triangle section from the top of the double thick white sheets.

54. Condition and roll out a piece of the blue and double that.

55. Use the white triangle that you cut away from the white rectangle sheet to measure and cut a blue triangle.

56. Place the blue double thick triangle where the white one was cut away to make the rectangle whole again.

57. Roll the sheet together with your acrylic roller.
Place in to the clay machine on the thickest setting across the rollers. Do not spread the sheet by rolling just roll the two colors together.
Press on the top of the sheet where the blue is as you roll through the machine.
Bring the sheet out of the bottom of the machine and turn your hand with the sheet 1/4 and fold the sheet left to right, always matching the ends of the sheet not the top.
Place the fold in to the machine and roll through again. Bring out of the machine turn the sheet 1/4 and food from left to right.
Place the fold in to the machine and roll through on the thickest setting.
Do this same step as described 20 more times until the sheet is blended from light to a darker blue.

58. The sheet will look like this.
Fold in half again from left to right.
Fold in half again from left to right. All the light will be on one side and all the dark will be on the other side. Keep it that way when you fold the sheet too!

59. This is the picture from the purple shaded cane in part 2. I forgot to take the blue picture like this, sorry!!

Place the end into the clay machine right next to the right edge and roll this way though on the thickest setting.
Turn down the machine to the 5th thickest setting and roll this sheet through again on the thinner setting to lengthen some more.

60. Trim of the end of the length on the light side for a straight edge and mix the trimmed off part in to one color.

61. Roll onto a coil and make it the width of the d sheet. Lay it across the end of the light edge. Roll the coil and the sheet up as tight as you can into a larger coil.

Squeeze and turn as you move up to the one end and then turn it over and turn and squeeze top the other end of the coil. Reduce the diameter this way until is half the diameter it was.

Roll on the work surface to lengthen out in to a long coil that is 1/2" in diameter.

62. Cut off sections of the blue shaded cane that are the same length as the flower cane you just made. You will need 5.

63. Press in to a triangle shape with one hand while hold in the opposite end with your finger so it does not get longer.

Do this to all 5 sections.

64. Flatten out the triangle some more. Do this to each one.

65. Stand the flower on end and place each one of the blue shaded cane triangles in each dip between the petals before pushing them in.

66. Cradling the cane log in your hand you bring the edges of the triangle together with the last one.

Do not force this, go around the cane and press them together and then turn the cane from end to end and press them together again.

This is another one of those pictures where 2 hands should be in here, but I need one of my hands to take the picture.

67. Squeeze the cane in the middle to put a waist on it and then turning and pushing as you move up the cane itself.

Flip the cane over and start in the middle and work your way to the other end by turning and pushing a little at a time again.

Work the cane down to half the diameter before rolling the cane on your work surface.

Star with your hands in the middle of the cane and rolling it 360 degrees or more forward and then backward as you move your hands away from each other.

Reduce down to 3/4" and then do a rolling cut by rolling the cane forward and moving the blade forward at the same time. It should look close to this!

68. Here are two of the canes we are going to use. These two and the petals we made by themselves and the shaded blue cane too!

That will be continued in part 4...


  1. Hi Marie. Wow, you are some talented woman! I love what you are doing. That is a great clay machine or is it a pasta machine?? What a great idea. Excellent work. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Marie they are gorgeous! You are so blessed with talent! I tried to work with some clay last night, but not enough strength in my right hand to knead it yet, but I will get there. I really want to try making these beads. Give that grand baby a big squishy hug and kiss for me.
    love you!

  3. Thanks for the tute, Marie! I have to try this out for sure! Beautiful canework!

  4. Excellent! I love your thumb ring ;o)

  5. I am enjoying your tutorials, I do not work with clay, do not have plans to either, but watching you go thorugh the process is fascinating. Thanks for the education.

  6. I love your tutorials Marie!! This flower cane is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your talent! :)

  7. SO pretty, Marie. I just love the purple. :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  8. Wow, this is pretty amazing - I have a whole new appreciation for this artform!

  9. Thank you Gloria!
    Clay machine and pasta machine is the same thing now!!
    My hubby does sell the clay machine in his store so it is a plug for his store and the link takes you to the clay machine.
    Blatant plug!!

  10. Thank you so much!!
    Dede it is good you tried though. I imagine it will be good therapy for you though.
    I would be glad to do that for you!! ;-D

  11. Thanks, some one made it for me and it has a little emerald in it. I just love it and I haven't taken it off since they gave it to me!

  12. It is all my pleasure Regina. I am sure glad you are enjoying it.

  13. Thank you!
    I am having a great week too Theresa even though it is only monday!

  14. Thanks Linda. That is the best compliment!!


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