Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- I have bone to pick with my little stick

Oh my.. this just keeps getting better and better. I sit down to write and think *Wednesday wonder* and an image pops in to my head.
This time it was Popsicle sticks. My daughter, when she was younger made me some candle glass holders completely out of Popsicle sticks. I love these things, they are colorful, beautiful and simple in design.  Hard to clean if you live in a dusty place (which I do), but the look is marvelous and complicated. She made them out of colored craft sticks which are Popsicle sticks really.

Then I ran a search, and there before my eyes popped up all of these links to sticks- tooth picks, Popsicle sticks, matchsticks, and tongue depressors, I have hit the little wooden stick mother lode.

The first one to come up was,

David Hrobowski makes furniture out of popsicle sticks — thousands of them, glued together one by one to construct spiraling 3-foot-tall table legs, lampshades finished in the most improbable fringe, or as pictured here, a room divider with Japanese flair, its red-dyed sticks arranged like cherry blossoms. The 56-year-old antiques dealer calls them "riffsticks" — each stick like a short melodic note repeated over and over. - from the L.A times,0,4008394.photogallery
The man makes gorgeous, with a capital "G", lamps, and tables, chairs and screens and a couple of mirrors too.
these two pictures come from the L.A. Times article
 and the link to see more is above
David's website is here and from there I found some more talent in the form of little  wooden sticks.

Brad Griffith- craftstick bending video, great info and some skill that might be very useful for crafts. Build your skills.

Stephen Guman- Aspiring World Record Breaker-  too much time on his hands. Popsicle stick addictions gone wild.

Steven J. Backman-The essence of patience- full of patience and tooth picks, the things people in western culture will do to skip meditation ;-D

Chang's Art- I really love the eggs and the airplanes.

Jack Hall the matchstick man-  Jack's claim to fame is the beautiful instraments that he crafted out of used match sticks. Gorgeous music.

Robert C. Haifley- 6 foot tall sculpture of toothpicks

Wayne Kusy- Ships of Picks

Franceska Mc Cullough- the sculptor of toothpicks

Stan Munro's Toothpick city- a whole world of tiny wood sticks

DIY- lots of pics of houses, cd holders, helicopters, bookends, ships, tape dispensers,trains, clocks, lights, coasters, and a bunch of other amazing constructions. Worth the look see.

Tim Fort-  Exploding sticks, made out of tongue depressors, this is wonderful to watch.

Bob Shamey- incredible little carvings in tooth picks, unbelievable!!



  1. dear friend, i have been absent with my comments but not from sneaking in to see what you've been up to. it's a whole different rhythm here, this summer.

    marie, my Father made minature wishing wells and rocking chairs and double chair swings from popicle sticks. he was so proud of every one. thank you for reminding me, although i found myself abit choked up just now.


  2. It is amazing what you can do with those little sticks!
    Really Unbelievable!
    A great Post! Thank you for sharing! Tee

  3. Wow - how cool is this! It's amazing what you can create with the most unexpected goodies!

  4. How fun was THAT? Thank you for that much talent in the world, isn't there?


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