Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new unzipped heart design- Boo

It is Tuesday in my land, I hope yours is a wonderful one.
Tell yourself you are a perfect piece of the world, every time negative thoughts pop up in your head.

I am a perfect piece of the world, now!
I am wonderful!
I am good!
I am love!

And now a new unzipped heart- BOO!

He is telling you that it is getting close to that time of the year again.
Time to find your costume, time to take off this one.
Time to have a party.
Time be something you have always wanted to be but were afraid of what someone would think.
Unzipped Heart Boo!


  1. So cute, although I still like the crab one the best, LOL. I really appreciate your "I am" sentiment, I think we can all use that reminder occasionally. Have a wonderful week. Smiles and hugs, Sue C

  2. I love all of your unzipped hearts. Each one is a new surprise.

  3. Oh, I love Boo! I really love Boo!!!

  4. ~*Hi Marie!*~
    I've been enjoying your posts, showing your new work. Today though, my own heart was unzipped and out came a child like chuckle! This piece is GREAT!

  5. Ooh Marie!!! He's lovely! And thanks for the positive words :-) I try to say that every day. Thanks my dear friend.


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