Saturday, June 18, 2011

A new design- The cross

This is a new cross with lots of flowers. Each one of the flowers has been made by hand with each petal and leaf hand rolled, shaped, and applied.
The cross is bronze clay.
It s a handmade bail with 20 gauge wire.
It is hung from stain cord.

It is small and delicate in design.
Nature Cross 1


  1. Beautiful! I also enjoyed your articles in Polymer Cafe!

  2. it's beautiful, marie! i really like it a lot!!!

  3. oh Marie!!! this is beautiful!!! wonderful cross!!!

  4. It is gorgeous as is all of your work, so much tiny detail! Young son love the Bottle of Hope and thinks you are so kind of artist! He just couldn't get over all of the flowers and the details. You have to know Marie, not to much catches his eye or impresses him, you know how 15 year olds are. Hope you are having a blast!
    Love you!

  5. This cross is so lovely, Marie, and the details are exquisite. Nice work!


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