Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- Sticks and Stones can break your bones but this art will only bring beauty

One of the ladies at the retreat collects stones and sticks from all over the world. I am so inspired by her art.
She has little twigs that are beautiful and she is very selective.
Thank you Nina for your heart-felt and spoken inspiration.
I loved the concept and have always been attracted to unusual stones of any kind. I collect them wherever I go. Even on this trip too.
In my search for sticks and stone art this morning up popped Andy Goldsworthy who is making stone art on the island of  Alderney.
There is a great article from Kevin Rushby about Andy Goldsworthy and Antony Gormley in the act of transforming the open spaces of the Alderney and Helm in an art project to draw the Channels Islands together.

I love Andy's giant earth balls.

This photo is credited to Chris George and from the same article

What he has found is plenty of human and natural debris to bury within the earth globes, "the stones" as he calls them. And these things will gradually be revealed as the "stones" are eroded.

Quoted from Rushby's article in the travel section

This is a photo from the author Kevin Rushby from a piece by Antony Gormley.
It is so funny, on the way home from the retreat I played trivia on the plane and the island of Alderney was one of the answers. ;-O

Here are some wonderful sticks that have been made in to hair sticks.
Artists Stacey and Kimi create wonders of wood and antler in sticks for the hair. They function as art and utility and are meant to be seen.

Carlos Moseley makes some art that rocks.
Carlos can focus on the artistic inspirations formed from the art studio…. surrounded by rocks, stones and pebbles that are waiting to be discovered. These popular rock art creations are displayed in galleries and shown throughout Texas and various other states. From Carlos' website

Visit his art gallery here
He has Shadow boxes here

Here is a great article from Art on the wall about sticks and stones, twigs and leaves installations

Here are some great projects at  AHC-Artists helping Children, OMG, I love this site!
I see stuff there I can play with too!!
Scroll down past the commercials.
How about a walnut instrument

Or how to build a twig bird house


If you have time, take a trip over to
David N. Stehly makes some gorgeous walking art sticks,

Here is a place where Stone Art rocks the world.

Kok Hooi's painted rocks make a statement.

Remember doing this??
Maybe it is time to start again. ;-D

WOW, this
has been a good Wednesday Wonder day, sorry for the delay, but I am still getting back in to the swing of things.
This one was fun, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
I also learned that sticks and stones are a very traditional medium in human history, more so than paints and brushes.


  1. I love painting on rocks and haven't done so in a very long time - thanks for reminding me - you rock!!

  2. Oh Marie, what an informative and fun links you added today on your blog. I have a bunch of geodes I found out in the desert and going to crack them open to see if there are any treasures, but if not, I can use them for some "rock" art. I also collect unusual sticks...I've made very colourfully painted snakes with them, but I think I'll have to go to some of your links for more inspiration.

    Have a great week and again, great info....thank you!!

  3. I LOVE Andy Goldsworthy!!!!! I've been in book envy to own some of this work! Have you seen the movie Rivers and Tides about his work? Glorious!

  4. Such a wonderful post, Marie! I love "earthy" art so much Thanks for the link to the Andy Goldsworthy article - my hubby and I adore him. You would adore Storm King:
    There are such amazing works of art here - many derived directly from nature. Andy has an amazing stone wall there!


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