Thursday, June 23, 2011

A new unzipped heart- It is good to bee queen

Happy Thursday!
Today, for me, be good to yourself!

Take time for you.
Do not talk negative to yourself.
Take a bubble bath.
Hug yourself.

A new unzipped heart, the one is to remind you that you are a queen, to take care of yourself, and to love yourself.

Bee the queen that you are!

Unzipped Heart It is good to be queen!


  1. this is an absolutely beautiful piece of work! my gosh how anal! this sort of work is mind blowing to me. and you do a beautiful job!

  2. I love this face. She looks a bit African. Lovely

  3. Fantastic! Loving all these new unzipped hearts!!!

  4. She is beautiful Marie I love the little bee and what an interesting effect the zipper makes.

  5. So gorgeous! I love the warm "honey" colors. And you are right - it IS good to be queen! :)

  6. Oh I love these unzipped hearts ~ You must sell them on Etsy? ~ one of the Etsy pic is not visible at the moment ~ thanks ~ ^_^


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