Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Monday- I am back, tired and rested ;-O.

I had a wonderful creative time with the women I spent the week with.
We painted, shared, ate, walked, ate, drank a little, took pictures, created, got stimulated, found my muse, found the vortex, charged my soul, had an absolutely wonderful time, and even slept rather well.
Nature abounded, the phone rarely worked, the light was incredible, and it was more humid than I am used to.
Susan and John were so gracious, I stayed with them for a while and got home cooked meals, my own room, and some time to relax with out demands.
I got home late last night and Madi was still up, Oh my goodness how I missed that baby and her little arms wrapped around my neck felt so right, so perfectly perfect.
Now at home the light is brighter, my heart a little lighter, the birds sign a little louder and the washing machine sounds so good.
My bed snuggled me closely and rocked me gently to sleep, oh how I love my bed.
I am so lucky and so grateful for this fulfilling life I have of being all that I am and the wonderful people who I am blessed enough to call family and friends.
How can it get any better than this?
This is how...
I got to an email from a fellow friend and etsy artist saying she had featured me in her blog.
Sandy Prenzi featured my Woodland creature in her awesome blog along with a couple of other talented Etsy original artists, Mojtaba Jalali's ~ Parsiart and E. Meggie McCarty ~ Dollfun Studio. I am so very honored to be included with these two very talented artists.
Thank you Sandy, you are the best.
Make sure you visit Sandy's site on etsy, she makes some incredible polymer clay things too.
Head on over to Sandy's Etsy site and show her some Etsy love.

Sandy's really lovely Ring Bearer pillow! 


  1. Sounds like a perfect time!! Welcome back!! : ))

  2. It sounds like you had the most wonderful time and a much needed chance to refuel. I'm so happy for you!! And congrats on being featured... Love, Silke

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time Marie! And what a sweet 'welcome home' from Madi! That's what makes life grand!!

    I was reading your post just now, and as I scrolled down I immediately recognized my mom's Ring Bearer Pillow! :) It was so nice to read your kind words about her!

    I love your Woodland creature, and enjoyed the feature she did about you ~ and the two other amazing artists she featured also!

  4. Welcome home Marie. You so deserved and needed that retreat. Now you can continue on with a better perspective and more appreciation of everything!! You have been refilled, and refueled!! Hugs to you!!

  5. It's always good to be home, isn't it? No matter how much you enjoy getting away, home is good.

  6. It was pretty perfect Manon. Hard to leave too.
    I am so glad to be home though and boy did I miss that baby.

  7. Thanks Silke, it is good to be back though.
    This time though I made sure I didn't worry about what was unfinished at home, what a big step for me!!
    I needed to refuel and felt that it came at just the perfect moment.
    I am so lucky!

  8. Hi Trina, what a nice thing for your mom to do and what you did too. It doesn't surprise me that she is your mother, sweet is in your genes.
    You guys are so great to share other artists on your sites.
    I love Sandy's faces but that ring bearer pillow was just so beautiful and with it being june it was also perfect for that post!
    What a great surprise on a monday morning.

  9. Thanks Donna, it was so good to rest and refuel.
    I did deserve it LOL!!
    I was so lucky to be able to go to it.
    I have pictures for you too!
    Wondeful ones of the shrine.
    I have to work on those.

  10. Home is good Jan, home is always good.


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