Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new unzipped heart- under the sea


This polymer clay heart is unzipped so you can see you can carry your love of the sea with you. There is a small ocean scene in there, crab, star fish, seahorse and shells.

The whole piece has been antiqued or washed with brown acrylic paint to give a feel of antiquity to it.
The Crab, shells, seaweed, seahorse and star fish is washed with gold. The zipper has been highlighted with silver acrylic.
There are two stars, one on each side of the top of the zipper holding it in place.
There are words stamped in the background on the heart.

The heart is 2 1/2" high and 1 15/16" wide and it is 1/2" thick.

There is a large copper ring in the top of the heart from which hangs a 36” piece of red cord.
It will hang about 16-17 inches. The cord is easily removable if you wish to add your own chain or cord.
The ends of the cord are dipped into a red fabric paint to keep them from unraveling.


  1. Having one of your unzipped hearts, I know how lovely it is, AND, how many compliments I receive whenever I wear it!
    In fact, my minister recognizes your work, as I wore the fancy Sacred Heart to church and he immediately zeroed in on it!
    You're famous dear!


  2. I am going to have to make your Etsy shop a regular stopping point each week - I LOVE this heart!! The crab sold me on it - ah, New England seaside!!!

  3. I love the zippered heart pieces. I so happy to say that I own one of the very first ones you did, too. Each time you come up with a new version, I have to keep my fingers from clicking!!

  4. I can see why this sold so quickly, Marie. It's really charming.

  5. Hi Marie! This is just TOOOO adorable!!!! It's like an ocean surprise once you "unzip" the heart! Great work!!!! xoxo

  6. This is really precious Marie! Yeh, on the sale!

  7. Ah! I love the sea! This is wonderful, and the little crabby guy is so CUTE! Oooooh, I love that seahorse too!

  8. I just gotta know - is it a real zipper or do you craft it from PC too???
    By the way, I won the necklace you donated to Clay Camp this year in the Brown Bag Exchange. I was sooo lucky

  9. Having just found your blog, this is the first I've seen of your work. I LOVE it! If it wasn't already sold, I'd be trying to make it mine. Can't wait to see what's in your shop when it comes off vacation mode.


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