Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finished on the 15th- Fave Crafts Blog Hop- a little hope

Well, another 15th of the month and a Fave Crafts Blog hop is here. Welcome to all of you new to my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again sometime.
To all of you that visit here regular like, HI!!

Can you believe that it is the 15th of June? The year is half way over and the second half will be here soon.
Is it that my life is so full of stuff, that things are moving so fast?
How about you? Do you feel as if time is whizzing by?

Just a reminder for all of you that make your Christmas presents, START NOW!

Well, the thing that I got finished this month is a flower cane with and with out background and the instructions on how to make a Bottle of Hope.
Here are the links, there are 4 parts to this:





Bottles of Hope http://www.bottlesofhope.org/ were thought up by a wonderful woman name Diane Gregoire who was going through breast cancer treatments in the late '90's.
She would take the bottles used in hers and others treatments and place polymer clay around them, then she would return for more treatments and pass them out to the people who were there for treatments too.
I met Diane in 1999 and fell in love with her attitude and lust for life and thriving through one of the most horrific diagnoses one can receive in life. Her large lovely grace gifted my life and I went out and taught about the program and talked to others about Diane and her bottles. I was travelling all over the world at the time and it was fun to spread the word.
Little did I know how much it would mean to me later in life when my mother and Sister in law were diagnosed with this dreaded disease.
I made 300+ bottles for my sister-in-law while she was going through treatments and before she died. I would get a call every week when I sent them, from her saying "oh I am keeping this one" or "I have a special person to give this one too". I loved it. It gave me some thing to do. I felt like I was helping somehow.
My guild and I have been making bottles of hope ever since and have been closely affiliated with Moore's cancer center and Dr. Casden over the years, we even have Bottles of Hope Clay Days. Yay Team!
It has been most rewarding and fulfilling  even in the tragedy of it.
Isn't that what life is about, finding something of value and light in the dark parts?
It is for me!!
Go out and find some light!!!
Go out and make the light!!!
Go out and spread some light!!!
Go out and be the light!!!


  1. Fantastic Marie ;o) May a bright light always surround you ;o)

  2. ...About it being the 15th of June already... YES, I agree, time does seem to be whizzing by. I was just talking about that the other day! It's marching by so quickly and definitely without our permission to do so! LOL! :)

    Thank you for sharing the story about Diane Gregoire and how you started creating the Bottles of Hope Marie. Wonderful and thoughtful love shined all through your words in this post.

    I love what you wrote about finding some light... Being the light. Great blog!


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