Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have new listings in my shops
Art from my Heart Shop
A new Sea life pendant,
The whole piece has been antiqued or washed with brown acrylic paint to give a feel of antiquity to it.

The Crab, seahorse, barnacles, and star fish are washed with gold. The zipper has been highlighted with silver acrylic.

There are two stars, one on each side of the top of the zipper holding it in place.

There are words stamped in the background on the heart.

And from the Hoarders Closet- 2 new cutter sets
7 small 3/4”, 5/8”, 1/2”, 7/16”, 3/8”, 5/16” and 3/16” teardrop cutters
5 round cutters in 1 1/2”, 1 1/4”, 1”, 3/4”, and 1/2” sizes.

Thanks so much for looking. I appreciate you!
Have a great day!!


Boo is up too!


  1. Oh, I love Boo ;o) Have a great day!

  2. Love the new unzipped heart! Perfect for the summer season - nice and beachy! Hope you and yours have a wonderful 4th!!! :)

  3. Absolutely love these new creations! 8D

  4. I love the crab and I love Boo. So cute!

  5. I have not commented for a very long time. I apologize. However, I have been reading with delight and admiring your heart creations. I hope that your vacations, holidays and travels rejuvenated you. Are you doing anything fun for the 4th of July? I heard that the temperatures are sizzling in SoCal. I also read that SoCal wants to secede from the California. Interesting things going on over there. I think of California everyday. Some of my most favorite people on earth live in SoCal. I have a schoolmate who lives in San Diego. I say hello to her almost every day. How is Madi? I hope you are all well. I read every post you have posted through my reader and you make me smile, I just need to make an effort to comment. Thank you for your well wishes for my FIL and sister. I still love you, always will, my beloved Sister Marie. Tsup!!!

  6. First i wanted to buy the funny crap for my mom,but i let her take a look in your Etsyshop and she choose the purple heart key ;-) She can't wait to wear it!

  7. Oops! Did i send my comment or not? hmm... lets try a second time..LOL! When i searched your Etsyshop for a nice pendant for my mum, i choose the crap,but i didnt know for sure if she would like it,so she peeked for herself and fell in love with the purple heart key ;-)
    She really loves your pendants just like me!
    xoxoxo Donna


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