Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A wonderful site- Orkney Springs

Shrinemont in Orkney Springs Virgina is a beautiful place with natural springs, beautiful fields, skiing nearby(in the season), many houses with wonderful porches surrounding them, basket ball, pools, wonderful kids, good hearty food (locally grown and well made), and places to have conferences and meetings.

There are firefly's, they amaze me and we don't have them here so they are somewhat of a mystery to me. I love to watch them light up the trees like a Christmas night in the middle of a June evening with frogs croaking, a small glass of wine, a rocking chair and a porch to relax on. It was a magical moment for me, but that happened more than once on this trip.

I can imagine having a family reunion there. Everyone could stay in one house, they are so big and be with each other and yet have some place to retreat to if they wish.

I guess what I went to is a family of sorts, a family of women with a common interest, their interest in creating.

The trees were green and gorgeous.
The thing though that held my interest and that has drawn many a person to this beautiful mountain glen in the Virginia area are the springs.

This is one of those springs, This is the pathway leading up to the spring that has been lined with rock and has a fountain of water coming from it.
If you look closely it seems that a person is standing in the forest. The large rock on top being the head.
Arms spread wide and water dripping down the legs.
The water is almost red in color and the rocks are stained with the iron in them.

It flows at this time of year ice-cold from the mountains. The water is refreshing and tastes of iron.
The blood of the earth.

It is hard to stay away from the fountain, at least for me it was.
The waters are rumored to be healing and I washed my hands in them often.
I love my hands, not because they are beautiful but because they are my tools, the only ones I really need besides my heart and my mind.
The surrounding area is lovely too. The water trickles down in to another glen.
I can imagine Indians staying here and in one of the little store down the road they were selling Indian artifacts that were probably found around there.
Hammers, arrowheads, and skin scrapers.
Walking through the hills I even found some old pottery. One of the ladies incorporated it in to one of her creations while we were there. How cool is that?
I brought the rest back as souvenirs.
All in all a beautiful retreat and resting place in the north American continent.
It is open from April till November if you are in that neck of the woods.


  1. Beautiful Pics & description! I Wish I was there! Thanks for sharing! Hugs,Tee

  2. These pictures are beautiful!! Wow what a magickal place!! The iron water reminded me that since we have well water that is full of iron I should remember it is the blood of the earth instead of a stain on my white clothes!!! Thanks for reminding me of earthier things Marie!!

  3. It appears to be a very lovely retreat. Glad you were able to renew your soul and come back so happy and refreshed.

  4. Hi Marie this scenery is so beautiful,no wonder you sound so relaxed and more like the OLD Marie I was talking about.
    Congrats on your great article in Polymer Cafe I just got today. 29th June.Love the article about you.
    Such a great article inspired by all your beautful, original hearts, and to see your flower work too. Just love it, to have this and "know" you, makes me feel the world is really such a small place. I could almost reach out to give you a hug.
    The African beads are so sweet too.I have some African beads a friend brought me back, but they are not as pretty or as colourful as yours. Thanks for the lesson in the POlYMER CAFE Mag.
    Believe it or not, tomorrow when I take my poly class I am using an article of yours Ive had since 09 on Pinata Ink Flowers and Leaves. You can bet I will have a lot to say about MY! friend Marie, reminding them of the beautiful Bella necklace I received from you last year,in a comp you had.
    I still havent got back to blogging but will soon. Lots of Love to you I love reading your blog. Elizabeth K. XXXX

  5. This looks so peaceful. I would love to visit this place. Oh heck I would love to live there. LOL
    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Wow what an amazing place! So beautiful, and magical!

  7. It looks absolutely beautiful here! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photos. :) I'll keep this place in mind for a future vacation!

  8. It did bring out the poet in me Tee!

  9. I was grateful for that lesson too Donna!
    I think sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be here now and in the place I live.

  10. I think from your description Jan that you live in a place like this all of the time.
    Green is good!!
    We are brown here already.

  11. Hey Elizabeth, so good to hear from you!!
    I am so glad you think I sound better, makes me smile big!
    I feel better after that place too.
    Re-aligned maybe.
    Thank you for your knid words and I am so glad you liked the article.
    Have fun in your classes.

  12. LOL!! Nicole I would love to live there too!
    Too much snow though in the winter season.

  13. It is a magical place, Stacy.
    And I could feel it too.

  14. You have so much beauty around you Theresa, it might not have the same effect on you.
    It is though quaint and that does stand out for everyone!


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