Friday, June 24, 2011

A new unzipped heart- the king and I

OK it is Friday, I am still away.
I do though have another favor to ask.
Be kind to someone you normally wouldn't give the time of day today.
You will know who it is.
Bring yourself to full attention and be there for that person.
Present with all of your senses in their presence.
Take a moment to be there all the way.
Forget what is going on for you just for a bit, second, moment, minute, or ten minutes.
Your gift to them.
You are an important part of this world.
Thank you.

Now this is the King Unzipped heart.

He is wise and kind.
He rules with grace.
He is loving and caring.

Unzipped Heart- The King and I


  1. He is AWESOME, Marie. A king to go along with the beautiful queen you crafted. He looks sort of lonely - I think they need to get back together right away! :) Happy weekend!

  2. All your zippered hearts are so enchanting, Marie.
    I have, lately, been trying to be friendly to someone with traits I don't like very much. It is hard, but things are going well with us.

  3. oh jeez marie, i am reading this at the end of the day so my choices are my dog stella, my partner JB, my nephew, my niece, & her fiancee. i've been nice already today so i am going to think about someone from a distance and wish a wish.

    thanks for the nudge

    and those eyes are enthralling...


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