Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Shrine- Shrinemont, Orkney Springs, Virginia

One of the things about where I was in Virginia, is the Shrine at Shrinemont.
It is called the Shrine of Transfiguration
From Wikipedia Transfiguration (religion), a momentary transformation of a man or woman into someone having the aspect of the divine, such as the transformation of Enoch into an angel in the Book of Enoch
Interesting... I know that I felt different there. I talked to others that felt different there.
The Shrine is made completely from rock and it has no roof!
Everything is green around it, it is just beautiful.
Walking in to the shrine there is a feeling of awe. Maybe it was just because I was by myself.

This is where everyone will sit.

This is in the aisles.

So is this. It felt like it too!

This surrounds the area, the birds sing, the air is clear, and the smell is wonderful. It is truly holy ground.

I turned and saw this.
The baptismal font is a rock where the Indians had ground corn.

There is a bell in the tower and that is all made of stone.

This is the view from the side.
I had been here to Shrinemont before and I had never taken the time to walk up to the shrine.

It is so beautiful.

Looking up at the taller cross from below it.

Both crosses at the tops of the Shrine.

This is a blessed space and you can feel it here. It is beautiful and of the earth. I am so glad I took the time.

This is a piece of mine that has a feel of this place.


  1. This is a beautiful place. You are so lucky to have experienced this place.

  2. Oh Marie I am so glad you took the time too! This is so beautiful and holy. Thank you so much for taking these pictures and sharing them. I wanted to reach out and touch the stone shrine. Did you?
    Also thank you for supporting my new venture!! You are such a wonderful friend!!

  3. PS. I love your new little heart too!! It does have the old feel of the shrine to it.

  4. Indeed a very beautiful place Marie!

  5. What a gorgeous sanctuary - so lush and green! Perfect place to meditate. Your new heart is lovely and a perfect embodiment of this lovely place!

  6. Marie, amazing! I've been sitting here staring at the pictures! So beautiful and peaceful! Thanks for sharing them ;o) Hugs ;o) Love the pendant too ;o)


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