Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something new

It is hot hot hot here and humid, it is gross. How do you guys in the east handle this for day after day after day during the summer? I know, air conditioning, I don't have it! Yuck.
I have been creating through the sopping wet heat. I do it with a fan pointed right on me! Every minute of the day ;-D and night.
I want to share a couple of new designs. Unzipped Hearts, but with new things in them.
First is Frankie

I am gearing up for Halloween, at least that makes me smile when I am hot.
Fall nights, crisp air, and trick or treating, YAY!

And the Unzipped Monkey, at my daughters suggestion. She loves monkeys.

A sock monkey, I love him. Isn't he cute?
Thanks kid!

Have a great day, stay cool, and extend kindness to someone who is not.


  1. Love that monkey. I have to show my son's girlfriend - she loves monkeys!!!!!

  2. i love both of these! frankie is so festive and reminded me of cool fall nights too. and the sock monkey is just too sweet. my daughter's favorite big stuffed animal that is attached to her like an appendage is a monkey she named "choco" because he's chocolate brown. anyways, you knocked them out of the ball park again!

  3. from the little pic on FB, I thought that was a piece of pie at first! As for how to stay cool, fans, cool drinks & getting out of the sun. I'm lucky that the basement stays pretty comfortable, as fans and glitter (not to mention foil, leaf & pearl ex) don't play all that well together!
    Cheers & stay cool!

  4. I love them both, but I love Frankie ;o)

  5. These are adorable, Marie! You come up with some really awesome designs!

  6. Oh, oh! Make an unzipped skelly, Marie! :)) As as for the heat and humidity, I have a fan on me and one on the dogs, AND the a/c going AND I am drinking gallons of iced tea. xox Pam

  7. How adorable! I really love the sock monkey.

  8. I love your hearts!!! It was 100 here today. I was wearing a trench coat in my office because the airconditioning was so strong, I was freezing!!!

  9. They are both so cool! Loving Frankie and the thought of Halloween, however for different reasons. Wishing cool breezes blowing your way! Love you!

  10. such total fun, marie! how many more times are you going to amaze me with your neverending string of ideas?

    i don't know what's wrong with me that i can be oblivious to the heat. i comfort myself that i must be losing weight from the sweat :^)

    ps don;t worry about visiting and keeping in touch. not one bit. ♥

  11. Those are both fantastic Marie!! Every detail is amazing. I especially love the Sock Monkey, makes me smile! :)

  12. Hi Marie!!! I Love monkey!!! Seems every time I log on and start down my blog updates, I only make it to the top few...then someone needs something and off I go. How do you do it with your toddler running around? **humbly bows to the Queen** Deb


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