Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- I love duct tape

In the early 80's we were driving to a how in Orange county and we saw a car that had duct tape all over it. Everything on this car was duct taped together. As we got closer there was a bumper sticker and it said "I love duct tape". I thought it was awesome. It was creatively done and even the bumper was taped on!

My youngest daughter, who has always been a trendsetter, duct taped her whole back pack, it look great.
It was amazing how many kids started doing stuff like that to their school supplies.
I loved it and her back pack was indestructible and almost waterproof, saved me money too!

Now there are all colors and prints in duct tape. I so want to buy them all every time I see them.
There are even How to books totally devoted to duct tape.
This my friend is a non-traditional art medium.

There are also all kinds art being made with duct tape

Duct Tape Art Winners: Melissa Walker (left) and Mariah Walton earned first prize in Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's first Duct Tape Art Contest with their beautiful replication of �The Scream� painting -- all from strands of colored duct tape.
This is a contest from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
"Getting the creative juices flowing was a Duct Tape Art Contest in early January, organized by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and sponsored by the 3-M Corporation"

The Duct Tape Guys even have a Duct Tape Gallery (this is great!)
You can even submit your own duct tape creations.

From the Duct tape guys Gallery. Tim fashioned this sportcoat for Red Green. He promptly said it was "the ugliest thing he had ever seen" and auctioned it off at a public television fund raiser. It brought $1000. (Heck, it was worth at least $2000!)

Also from the Duct Tape Guy's Gallery. I adore this. Duct Tape Art from students at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Created for the Duct Tape Ball silent auction
 These guys have a wonderful page and there is even a duct tape Jesus and a Wedding Dress.
You have to check out their store
And visit their refrigerator that is the index page for all of this. There is trivia and info and free stuff. The art is amazing!!

Here is a whole page of duct tape crafts at

You just have to go look at Mona Superhero and her duct tape creations, she is the queen of the tape!!

From Mona's website
Here is Mona's Blog

Jeremy Tubbs is also a duct tape artist and he has a blog, he does some wonderful photographic images

From Jeremy's blog.
WOW!! Here is Jeremy's Website another great place to visit!!

Here is a story about a freshman on his was to being a duct tape artist extraordinaire from the Winona Daily News.
His name is Ricky Becher
Go Ricky, go!!

Need a wallet? ;-D
Here is the Mother lode of Duct tape videos from "All stuff duct tape" on you tube

And finally... but in no way the end of the pages and pages of duct tape fiends
Duct tape Fashion pages.


  1. you never cease to amaze me, marie! your curiosity and sharing of so many incredible unusual art mediums is unbelievable!

    look at all these superlatives! they all apply!

    i hope you are having a fine summer. kisses all around,

  2. Marie Marie the things you find - they amaze me!!!

  3. Duct tape is so awesome! Thanks for sharing some of these art links. :) I always look forward to your Wednesday Wonders!

  4. As a retired SCAdian (google I remember singing the Duct Tape song...we used it for everything too, and said that even though it was not period, "If they'd have had it, they'd have used it."

    What a fun post!

  5. Hi Marie
    DId you happen to check out the prom outfits made of duck tape? Every year Duck Brand tape sponsors a contest for the best outfits. They winners get scholarship money. It is hot to wear, but very cool. hixtorMy high school studets did some fun stuff with tape in years past. Check out Deb


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