Thursday, July 14, 2011

Black and White Canes- Atomic age influences part 2

From the Kibster Vintage shop on Etsy, vintage Atomic Bowls

This is continued from the Black and white canes, part 1 is here:

You will need:Black Cernit 1- 2.2 ounce block
Opaque White Cernit 1-2.2ounce block
Porcelain White Cernit large block (Just says White, not Opaque white)
Clay blade SB
Clay Machine
Mix the black and the opaque white with equal amounts of the porcelain white until it is one color. You do not have to do this but I like the consistency of the Porcelain white and it keeps my colors soft and pliable. If your porcelain white is not soft this will not work.

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11. Take the 6"x 1" strip and trim all of the edges so they are straight. if you already did this, yay!

12. Lay the strip on top of a white sheet that has been rolled out on the 4th thickest setting in the clay machine.
Trim the white sheet to the top, the bottom, right side and the left side of the black sheet.

13. Lay the black and the white strip on top of the extra white sheet.

14. Now trim the bottom white sheet to match the one you have laid on top of it.

15. It will look like this.

16. Roll a coil of black that is 3/16" in diameter and the length of the stacked sheet you just made or 6" long.

17. Place the coil of black on one end of the stacked sheet.

18. Roll out some more white on the 4th thickest setting in the clay machine. It will need to be at least 6" long by 2 1/2" wide.
Place the stacked sheet and coil on top of the sheet of white.

19. Trim off the left edge of the sheet to match the stacked on and the coil.
Trim the top and the bottom to match the top and the bottom of the stacked sheet and coil and fold the sheet and the stacked one and coil over to the right on the new sheet of white. You will be covering the stacked sheet and the coil.

20. It will look like this.

21. With a knitting needle or pointed tool run it down the length of the sheet where the coil is. Do not press very hard, just push the clay in there. Do both sides of the new covered stack.

 22. It will look like this.

23. Cover the whole thing with another sheet of white clay that is rolled out on the thickest setting.

24. It will look like this.
Very nice job.
Stay tuned for part 3...

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