Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- Hair today

This is Kerry Howley, this is one of her human hair necklaces and it is amazing. Go see the others.
You can read a nice blog post about her here:
a wonderful place called OddityCentral, gotta know this place is going to be interesting.

A friend sent me this picture and that is what started this. This is a piece of work that blows my mind, really. I love it, it is beautiful, and it is amazing.

I guess I could say that this is a continuing edition of body part art that I did for Wednesday Wonder a while back. It elicited a strong response from my self and you too. You can read that stimulating ;-D piece of journalism here:

This from Dooplicity on Etsy
Human hair and other body parts, she also has some wonderful panels that you should really look at.

That is art, something that makes you think, respond, and react. Yes, even if it is a so-called bad reaction.
Most art is art to us because it makes us feel good. I prefer that kind, myself.

Some art though, makes you go, Damn... that is interesting. I like that kind too.

Even the Bone art Wednesday wonder here:

This is about hair, I skipped that one. LOL!!

There is even a Society, it is called the Victorian Hairwork Society
You have got to check this out, they even have embroidery done with human hair. Jenn's blog is here

And we can not do a body part art with out our dear friend of belly button lint bears and fingernail sculpts, Betty Rae Case

So, I leave you again with another hair-raising thought to ponder. What is traditional art mediums and why do we have to use them?
We don't.
The artists make the art, not the medium. They bring their hearts, their minds, and their hands and they all come together to form ART!
Now go make some. Use anything you want!

Do not forget that I have a giveaway going on now for what I make and call my art.
You can find that here:


  1. The necklace is very pretty, but the idea of hair gives me the creeps! Bellybutton lint??? NOOOOooooo. Yet interesting. **kisses** Deb

  2. eeeeewwwww! Not sure about this one lol

  3. That hair jewellery is totally amazing I remember seeing some years ago its was so intricate, I am off to take a look at Kerry's web site.

  4. You always find THE coolest things, Marie. Thanks for sharing these!


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