Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Sunday- Under the Sea

I have some new work for the summer, the "Under the Sea series"
Oh, I am having a blast with this one.
The piece above is an example of the style and design

This is another one. Dolphin Love! I am listing today.

And this one has found a home with a friend!

This one is already listed in my shop.
This is another version where I have used the metallic acrylic, Lumiere, to accent the designs.
I like this too but I think I like the ones above better. What do you think?
These pieces also have patterns on the backs of them.

 Have a great week everyone and do not forget my 20th Giveaway here.


  1. Simply beautiful.
    Happy Sunday to you as well

  2. my daughter and I have just come here from a visit to your Etsy shop. Your under the sea additions are usual. Oma Linda

  3. They are just fabulous, Marie! I especially love the one with the seahorse. :) Great work!!!

  4. Oh Marie I absolutely adore these. The dolphins are wonderful. I love dolphins!! These remind me of when I lived on Long Island NY!!!

  5. Marie, they are all so beautiful!! Love them!

  6. Absolutely Beautiful. Love these pieces.
    Happy Sunday to you too honey

  7. Beautiful designs Marie! Happy Monday!

  8. Oh Marie, these are FANTASTIC!! I am a huge fan of the ocean, the beach... and you've captured the feel of the sea perfectly in each piece! Such wonderful detail, I especially love the seahorse!


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