Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time for a Giveaway, this is #20, 07/12/11

This is the set I am giving away.
I will make the earrings and post the picture up here as soon as I get them done.

I have slipped right past 500 posts and I am so blessed to have more followers than I could ever imagine in my life, so I believe it is time to show the love I have for you all.
Thank you so much for following.
Thank you so much for listening to the good and the not so good here.
Thank you so much for commenting.
Thank you so much for spending a few moments of your precious and valuable time with me.
Thank you so much for sharing your light with this humble soul.
Thank you so much for being all you can be!
I am forever better because of your presence here.
Blessings all over all ya all.
May you be blessed beyond your hope and dreams.

The bead on the right is the front of the bead.
The bead on the left is the back of the bead.

I am giving away a brand new heart and a set of earrings.
It is summer here in the USA and I find these very fitting.
Here is Art from my Heart to yours.

Talk to me and leave a comment short or long for an entry.
This will be the 20th giveaway.
This giveaway will close on the 25th of July at 6 pm PDT. A random number generator will be used to pick the winner.
If you post about this giveaway in your blog let me know in a separate comment and I will give you another entry.
If you put this giveaway in your side bar and link back it back to here and tell me in a separate comment I will give you another entry.
If you follow and you tell me in a separate comment I will give you another entry.

Thank you again, all of you.


  1. Love the ocean and love your work. I would love to be considered the new owner of these lovely pieces. Smiles and hugs. Sue C

  2. You never cease to amaze me Ms. Marie. I love you and I love your art and I love your heart...and the polymer ones too!

  3. Marie, those beads are beautiful. I treasure my Unzipped Heart but I would love to have these also. I have your blog on my blog and follow you every day and every way.

  4. Marie, what's not to love and enjoy about you. Your work is marvelous, but I love your spirit too...it's sooo contagious!! Your giveaway is gorgeous, but then, what you make is always top drawer...love that term...from one of my fav movies, "Auntie Mame."

    Have a great week and keep on being "Marie!"


  5. Oh my, these are wonderful! I have been loving each of these new hearts you've been showing us over the weeks! I really think I need one of the Halloween ones this year.....Going to post the giveaway on my blog later today.

  6. Thanks for another opportunity to win one of your masterpieces. I so love what you but also what you share, teach and how you inspire. You're a goodie. Linda

  7. and because I love your work. I do follow you. Linda

  8. and because I really want to win this giveaway, I've posted it on my YeOldeCronesGazette on blogger. Linda

  9. What a lovely and beautiful giveaway. I´ve always loved reading your blog - you give me fuel every day. Thank you dear!!!!

  10. Hi Marie, thank you for being you! Please include me into your giveaway ;o)

  11. Beautiful work Marie. Love it. Have a great rest of the week.

  12. Congrats on 500 posts!

    Those are beautiful! Love the seahorse and starfish.

    nutamuATaolDOTcom (I do this to avoid spambots, replace AT with @ and DOT with .)

  13. I'm already a follower through GFC.

    nutamuATaolDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with .)

  14. ~*Hi Marie!*~
    I can hear waves crashing against the shore and seagulls flying overhead, in my imagination, while viewing your clay creations!
    ~*Thank you for offering hearts from your heart!*~

  15. Needless to say your work is exquisite ~ and would love to win one of your items ~ will try and do other suggestions to add to my entries ~ blessings, Carol

  16. Your work so wonderful! I hope you know that you inspire many, many people.

  17. These are lovely Marie, living by the sea as I do, I often look to it for inspiration, in fact I have just finished a piece, just have to take the photo. Your hearts make me think of sandy beaches I love the colours you have chosen.

  18. Your work is wonderful, so glad I came across your blog! Thank you for the chance to win a little bit of your art.

  19. I don't believe in coincidence. Whatever we pass through, where ever we land, be it for a moment or a lifetime, is just as it should be. I have been blog hopping in the hopes of finding new fresh blogs to read and learn about. And so here I am. Your work is lovely, magical and your hearts contain so much heart. Amazing that soft and gentle can be so powerful and strong.

  20. I have been lusting after one of your hearts ever since you first showed them off. And being a water person, I can't think of a more perfect heart to lend grace and style to me.

  21. I shared this contest at my blog.


  22. I love this heart!! I would love to be able to have part of the ocean with me when I cannot be at the beach!

  23. So sorry to hear you are having a rough time physically. Hope you feel better real soon!. I would so love to own some pieces of your art! I've always enjoyed viewing your work!

  24. These are so awsome I want them!!!!
    Thank you for such a nice giveaway.

  25. Here comes tons of healing energy to zap away that summer cold.

    Nice set. I love the hearts you do..ever single one.
    xx, Carol

    remember, feel better.

  26. Wow those are absolutely fantastic. I enjoy your blog so much watching all the amazing pieces that come to life.


  27. Your creativity is so amazing - add me to your long list of admirers. So much talent - I can't even find words to describe it.

  28. Just stumbled across your site, very pretty stuff...you have very nimble fingers! my fingers are crossed for the drawing.

  29. These are gorgeous! And Congrats on 500 followers too! Tee

  30. You are so creative. Love these hearts and would love to own them. Count me in!

  31. I follow your blog. Please give me another chance on these little art works.

  32. Marie, I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing the pieces you create. Count me in for the giveaway.