Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- time out

I am still taking a time out. I have been taking it easy and doing a lot of resting, just hanging out, and taking care of Madi.
At the end of the day I am all out. I have a hard time thinking of anything to say that is uplifting or happy.
I am working on clay though and playing.
I listed a new unzipped heart in a color instead of the ivory looking ones I do.

I think I like it. Soft and romantic, eh? I might try some more of these.

I also did a light antiquing on the Seagull statue.
Let me know what you think of it. I am happy.

Brings that smirk on his face out.

I like the antiquing.

I do think he is just fine.
You can see it with out the antiquing here
Thanks for your help with this!
Have a great day.


  1. Time outs are good for the soul and creativity. LOVE the purple and you are right about antiquing.

  2. Sorry there are difficult times right now...I hope that becomes better soon.
    The heart with zipper caught my eye!
    The seagull is quite wonderful too; and the crab! Antiquing is fun.

  3. The antiquing really makes your sculpture pop! Love the purple heart, too!

  4. LOVE, Love, love the purple color. But, psst, you are not charging enough for your hearts -- they are priceless.

  5. Love the colors of the heart, so pretty.
    The seagull looks better with the antiquing, I think. Pulls it together in a more natural looking way.
    Hope you are feeling well.

  6. Hi Marie,

    I hope you feel better soon! Good that you're taking it easy, resting and just hanging out as you take care of Madi. Glad you're getting in some clay playtime too!!! :)

    I love your purple Unzipped Heart, it's lovely! And the light antiquing on your Seagull statue is perfect, it brings out so much detail. I love it! :)

    My best to you!

  7. JUST taking care of madie?! marie, i'm exhausted after one day!

    if i were queen, i would order and then materialize a one week vacation for you every month. or a guaranteed two days a week strictly proclaimed 'marie time'

    this seaside sculpture is wonderful. i like the smirk too, and i like the crab.both fiesty.

    sending queen-like vibes to the universe,

    love :^)

  8. Love the heart! And, the seagull turned out perfect ;o)

  9. Hope you continue to take it easy, Marie. Especially this summer - as the heat has been awful. Your heart is lovely as always - and I like the antiquing you gave to the seagull. :)


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