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Fave Crafts Blog Hop- Black and White Canes- Atomic age influences part 3

Well it is that time of the month again! Yes, it is the 15th of July now.
Time for the Fave Crafts Blog hop "Finished on the 15th".

Welcome, welcome, I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.
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My life has been crazy, but I do have a project going right now!!

It is the Mid-Century Atomic age influenced Black and white cane series.

Part 1 is here:
Part 2 is here:

And this is going to be the 3rd part.

You will need:
Black Cernit 1- 2.2 ounce block
Opaque White Cernit 1-2.2ounce block
Porcelain White Cernit large block (Just says White, not Opaque white)Clay blade SB
Clay Machine
Mix the black and the opaque white with equal amounts of the porcelain white until it is one color. You do not have to do this but I like the consistency of the Porcelain white and it keeps my colors soft and pliable. If your porcelain white is not soft this will not work.

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25. Roll out a coil of  white that is at least 6" long and 3/8" in diameter.

26. Flatten coil only on one side to get a teardrop shape with your thumb while holding the other end with your finger so it will not lengthen as much.
Cut away from your work surface with your clay slicing blade and turn from end to end and flatten again while holding the other end with your forefinger.
Flatten it out to about 3/4" wide in a teardrop shape.

27. It will look like this.

28. Add to one side of the other cane like so.

29. Here is a better picture of it.
Cut the whole thing in half.

30. It will look like so.

31. Put the two halves together like this with the teardrop shapes both on the same side.

32. Lengthen and stretch out the cane till you have 15" at least.
Do this slowly, you will want the black clay lines to show on the bottom of the cane. You will also want to do this slowly to keep the distortion to a minimum.

33. I had some of the white clay move over the black lines when I reduced it so I trimmed away the white clay.

34. It looks like this when the end of the cane is trimmed off.

35. Cut 7- 2" sections.

36. Pinch the side with the lines together to make them a little smaller.

37. Place the sections around the spiral center. You may have to pinch them thinner to make them all fit.
It should look like this. ;-D

38. Roll another coil of white that is 1/4" in diameter and flatten on one side of the coil again to make a shorter teardrop shaped coil or cane.

 39. Flattening the coil/cane in one side.

40. Press on the side so the one edge is pointed.

41. Cut sections of the smaller teardrop shaped coil/cane to the length of the cane you have put together.

42. Place the little sections in to the cane. Move apart the sections if you have to, to fit them in.

43. It will look like this.

44. Pinch the cane in the middle with the finger and thumb of one hand in the north and south position on the cane and the finger and thumb of the other hand in the east and west position on the cane, start in the middle and move to the top end of the cane. Turn it a little at a time and pinch and move up a little at a time.
Flip the cane over and starting in the middle position your fingers and thumbs in the same position  and press and work to the other end of the cane. Reduce this way until you have reduced the cane to half its size.

45. Roll the cane on the table to smooth and lengthen. Roll your hands forward and the clay should turn more than 360 degrees.
Roll your hands back and the cane should turn more than 360 degrees. Keep it moving and fluid while you move your palms away from each other.
Reduce down to about 3/4" in diameter.
Tah- dah!!


  1. This is brilliant, as always. Thanks for all of your helpful information. Love your blog and your store!

  2. Marie, I can't believe the work that goes into every piece you make! Wow! You are so talented! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. How lovely, Marie. Thanks for sharing your latest project with us all. :)

  4. Thank you Marie! I can't wait to try this one. You are so darn clever ��


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