Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My blog is out of order

My blog editor is out of order.
I can not work on the blogs I have as drafts.
I can only post new blogs, like this one to let you know what is going on.
I was working on a new black and white cane and I have it in draft. I can not do anything with it.
These things take me hours and I do not want to start over again.
I do not want to switch to Chrome.


  1. shoot, damn. just what a weary person needs, right?

    you are officially in my prayers, marie. xoxo i hope this fixes itself asap.


  2. I was just working on one of my drafts and it was okay. I was able to post the draft. I wonder why your having problems with it. It's probably another problem with Blogger. Some people get the problems, others don't. Have a great day tomorrow and hope your blogger comes up right. Take care.

  3. Computers are so annoying! I hope you manage to retrive your posts.

    I was reluctnat to swap to google chrome but I did and I love it and wouldn't dream of swapping back now. I used blogger and google mail anyway and using google chrome makes it all work so well together.

    here's hoping the computer stops messing around so you have more time to spend being creative!

  4. Hi Marie.
    I didn't switch to Chrome, I only use Blogger in it. Posting and comment issues have all gone away along with my headache and anger. I use IE to browse and everything else on the web.

    I still follow and marvel over your newest projects. I always wonder what you can possibly do to a heart and then you come up with something unique.
    xx, Carol

  5. There is a Blogger troll, Marie. Lay low and he'll move on a in a few days! I hope you are keeping cool and having some summer fun with Miss M. ;) xox Pam

  6. Blogger can act like a spoiled little brat sometimes, throwing all kinds of tantrums and causing mayhem...been there, done that, my friend. I just let it go for a day or two and it miraculously healed its self!!

    Good luck.


  7. Would it help if I told you that Chrome is really awesome, and that it's my favorite web browser?

  8. I had to switch to Chrome!! It's really great ;o)

  9. How are you doing, Marie? I hope you feel much better by now -- as always I am sending you lots and lots of energy! :)

    Oh no, it's awful if the blog editor doesn't work properly. Good wishes for that, too.



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