Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog is still broken

My blog is still broken.
I appreciate all of you giving me your opinions on Chrome. Thank you.
I also figured out that it is a IE 9 and Blogger conflict.
On my daughters computer she hasn't updated to IE 9 and it works fine on hers.

I do not care for Google following me where ever I go and mapping out my destinations.
What is your opinion on that?

But since I can only publish first time blogs without any trouble, I will do that and hope they get the problem fixed.

I think that I am supposed to be taking a break though. I have been resting since yesterday when my back went out again yesterday. ;-D
You think someone is trying to tell me something.

A look at one of my new hearts!
This is fun.
The last red balloon!
Up and Away!
It is in my Etsy store
Have a great weekend everyone.
And Happy August.


  1. I went to Firefox and so far so good. I also updated my IE and found out too late it is not compatible with Blogger. You can google "best browser" and you will get a comparison of the three top browsers so you can compare. Keep in mind you are tracked no matter what you use...even your mass mailing of "forward this to everyone you know so you can save a life" are just cookie collectors and yet, people still forward them and then wonder why they get so much junk mail.

  2. Another choice Marie to download for free - Windows Live Writer. You can do all your drafts there on your computer and then it publishes it to your blog when you are ready. Hope you feel better and please do rest. Sometimes the clues around you are telling you just lie down and rest already. So do it!!

  3. Google has really, really, REALLY become Big Brother. I mean, WHY do they need to know where I am?
    I made sure all the GPS settings were disabled on my cell.
    Can you get a Proxy Program so that it doesn't show your actual location? There are several that work good---some have free downloads.
    Odd thing with our broadband.....I never know which tower it is coming from and that determines where *I AM*......LOL!
    Can you backstep to IE8???
    I use FireFox and love it but am running 3.16.something--4 sucks and I am not sure 5 is ready.
    Okay...talked your ear work!


  4. Yea, I hate that blogger does that reminds me of Orwell's "1984." Sorry to hear about your troubles...hopefully, it will heal itself!! LOL I updated my Mozilla Firefox and what a mess that caused...yikes, with their offering another way, Jose!!

    Love the whimsical...I love whimsical!! Take care, Marie...back problems...oey!! Hate that...keeps you away from the things you love to do.


  5. Oh dear Marie, I'm sorry to hear your back went out again. Take care of yourself. Sorry, also, that you are having such trouble with your blog, that's no fun.

    Love your Red Balloon Heart, it's sweet. :)

  6. I love this heart. It is so summery.

  7. Hi Marie! I'm so sorry you're having blog problems. :( I hope you can get things fixed and running properly soon. I love your new heart! I adore balloons - they always make me smile. :)


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