Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Monday- Drive by photographer

Happy Monday. Drive by photographer, Marie Segal here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend (4th of July here in the good ole USA).
We will resume life tomorrow. The governmental offices are closed and the post office is closed, Ups will not deliver or pick up, but spending money is allowed. All stores will be open at least sometime during the day today and most likely they will be holding huge holiday sales to get you to come in and spend the money you do not have! I live in California, a couple of the people might have money though. They all live in Hollywood. ;-D

Tonight my one cat will be buried as far as she can get somewhere, freaking out about the noise. Thunderstorms and fireworks do this to her.

It is the birth of our nation.
Happy Birthday Nation!!
Eat hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips, coleslaw, fruit salad, corn, watermelon, and do not forget the dessert, till you are in a coma! Then go shopping. ;-D

I thought since this is the day that commemorates the birth of our nation, what better place to show you than pictures of West Virginia and Virginia?
I took these from a moving vehicle so this qualifies me as a drive by photographer.
Those red, white, and blue banners hanging from the porch are the thing to do in this area.
What a gorgeous home and yard. I am, though, curious to know the significance of the horse. Ah, the perils of drive by photography.

Cemeteries and rock buildings are also a part of this area. I approve, it looks so nice, doesn't it?
This one was especially nice.

Cemeteries are everywhere actually. Hey, I see some rock on that building on the right too!

Churches are also prevalent. Everywhere.
Some of the issues of drive by photography are the angles your wrist and camera has to be in to take photos. ;-D I photoshoped for you though.

This looks like it might have been a church at one time! Just a beautiful place. Missed the front of it though, moving too fast.

The beauty of the land must have made our ancestors cry after being in a boat for months and months.

I wonder what they would think of the massive houses now?

This land is our land and it is a gorgeous place, sometimes you just have to search it out. We need to cherish it and take care of it. Look for the beauty where you live, it is there.
Happy 4th of July!!


  1. Bet that horse was a race horse someone owned or had interest in.....
    Virginia is a world unto itself; my people live there---used to visit and loved the slow pace of life, once I adjusted. The cemetery photos in particular brought back lots of memories of tiny plots tucked back among the trees on the farms.
    Lovely photo shoot even if you ARE a drive by type! ;-)


  2. The photos are excellent. I have really enjoyed them. Yes it is our land. Happy 4th to you too.

  3. Great photos ;o) I hope your 4th of July was happy ;o)

  4. Happy Independence Day from Virginia, the State of Presidents. We love our state and it's history and it's role in gaining Independence. It's a beautiful state and I love it. Great place to live and great place to visit. Great photo opportunities for sure.

    Congrats, btw. I just picked up the Polymer Cafe with your article in it. Great to see someone I "know". Take care and have a great week.


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