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Fave Crafts Blog Hop-I heart you!!!

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Fave Crafts has their "Finished on the 15th" blog hop every month and this is the one for the 15th of December to 15th of January.
I had a lot of stuff going on in December, making gifts and holiday cooking, so I didn't get much posted on my blog as far as what I finished, so I am posting my only how to project right in this post.
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And for my regular followers, thank you so much for being here for me.
I heart you all!!!

Textured hearts with a rose and leaves

You will need:
Lumiere Metallic Olive
Knitting needle
Clay slicing blade
3/8" teardrop cutter APC3T
Piece of cotton lace
Piece of window screen
Letter stamps-instructions for these here
Large 16 gauge jump rings out of Artistic wire- instructions for these here
Stencil brush 1/2" round
old piece of towel
1/4" flat brush

Sorry some of the pics are a little iffy, I am trying something new.
Also please pretend that I never use my hands and they are perfectly manicured and do not look as crappy as they do! ;-D

Make jump rings first.

For each heart you will need 1/8 block of Poppy red Cernit.
Condition the 1/8 and roll it in to a ball and then roll it in to a teardrop.

Flatten the thick end of the teardrop until it is about 3/8" in thickness.

Like this.

Hold the middle lower part of the point end of the heart and rock the point of your knitting needle down in the middle of the thick end of the flattened teardrop to make the indentation for the lobes of the heart.
I rock it back and forth to make the indent and then I shape a little with my fingers and then use the knitting needle again.
i proceed like this until I get the shape I want and it is smooth and pretty.

Like this.

I hold the heart by the middle to the point again and then slice into the top middle of the lobes.
Rock the blade a little in the opposite direction that the cut to open the cut.

Like this.

Take one of the jump rings you have made and stick the part of the jump ring where the two wires meet in to the slit.

Press the slit together over the jump ring.
Work the slit closed gently from one end to the other.

With  the point of the knitting needle roll it over the cut and seal the edges together and then smooth them with the knitting needle until closed  and finished.
Shape back with fingers.

Lay the heart on the lace in the place where you want the pattern to appear on your heart.

Place the other part of the lace over the heart on top where you want the pattern to be on your heart,
Press down with the center of your palm with out smashing or destroying and then work the lace down on the dies or the heart.

With the screen you lay down the heart. This is fabric like screen, not metal.

Place the other half of the lace over the top of the heart and press gently with the palm and then press the screen down on the sides. take your time and make sure the screen is pressed all the way around.

Here is the front and you can see the rounded edges and the pattern. Click the pic for a little better view.

And here is the back.

Here I use the letter stamps to stamp in the word "Love" The link for making these stamps is above in the "you will need" paragraph.
I used the screened heart for this.

I will put a pic of this one when I finish them, maybe Sunday!

I am going to arc the word a little and start with the letter "L".

And the "O", you get the drill, right?

And done, you can leave the heart just like this and it will look good, but I am going to add a pair of leaves and a rose to each heart.

Roll 4- 1/4" balls of the mint or a green you like in to balls and then in to teardrops.

Place them on to each heart, like this.

Mark the center vein with the back of the blade, please do be careful.

Use the teardrop cutter to make the side vein marks by placing the point of the tear drop into the center vein and pushing it in a little.

Roll a small 3/16" ball of pink into a teardrop and flatten with your finger.

Roll the teardrop from the thicker end to the pointed end.

AHGGGGGGGGGGG! look at the lovely manicured hands. No, no don't look!

Make 3 more 3/16" balls of pink and flatten one with your finger and thumb.

Press against the coiled center at the bottom only.

Flatten the next ball, most of the time they stick to my thumb and I press the flatten round against the bottom only of the coiled center.

Do it again with the last pink ball.
Like this.

Then I pinch the little ends of the petals a little.

Place in to the center of the leaf set.

You are done with this one!

Now make another rose, I used turquoise Cernit for this one.

Start the same way.

Here it is finished.


Bake both hearts in your preheated 275F degree home oven on a piece of box top corrugated cardboard for 30 minutes, shut off the oven and let cool.
When completely cool using the stencil brush, punch in some of the white Ne-opaque until the whole heart is covered. Let dry a little and then wet a small area of the old towel and squeeze out the excess, rub off the white paint.
With the 1/4" flat brush paint the leaves with a tiny amount of the olive green Lumiere.
With your finger blush the top of the rose with gold Lumiere.
You are done.


  1. Thank you for sharing such a great how to. The hearts are adorable. By the way you have the hands of a true crafter, a bit rough and worn around the edges, but with the ability to craft with love :)

  2. I love the lace texture Marie... it looks fantastic!

  3. Marie - this is so awesome! I am going to come back later and read this again. Maybe it will all sink in - hahaha! You make the loveliest things, and these hearts are so pretty. I have the one I won from you hanging from my hutch in the dining room. I love it! xox Pam

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. I love the hearts and the hands - I feel really inadequate when I watch tutos with perfectly manicured nails. This is so uncrafty. My hands are always like yours.

  5. Hi Marie. You make this look sooooo easy. LOL wish I could do it too.

  6. These are gorgeous, Marie! What a great tutorial too. Thank you!

  7. Beautiful Marie!! I am going to give these a try this afternoon when I get home from work. This is exactly what I needed. Something to get me motivated to get my hands in the clay again!!! Thank you sweetheart, you are the best!! Many hugs and blessings to you and yours!!!

  8. Excellent Marie ;o) I think I will stick to paying you to make them! LOL! Thanks for sharing! Alot of work!!!

  9. I was wondering how hard it is on the hands, working with clay every day. After I have done my paperclay routine and then all the gels and paints, I look like pretty much like elephant hide! But you still have a manicure and nails!
    Lovely tutorial, and I will continue to BUY my hearts from you! (because yours are so gorgeous!)
    Have a great weekend!

    Anne...wearing her heart necklace!

  10. Thank you for generously sharing your techniques here! Love the hearts!

  11. Marie, thanks for the tutorial. You make it look so easy!

  12. Love these embelished hearts. Tutorial is so well prepared, that I had to try it out :) Little black heart with rose is just curing in the oven. Waiting to get it out and paint it.
    I know it's going to look great, thanks to you.

  13. Great tutorial! thanks, I am going to send this link to some friends. Your hands are fine! Mine are very similar as I'm sure most of us have those kind of hands with paint and scuff marks all over. Shows that you don't just sit around buffing your nails, eating bon bons and watching soaps all day.

  14. Seriously awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  15. You are so talented Marie! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. WOW! So much detail--those are amazing. Thanks for participating in the FaveCrafts Blog Hop! We're doing a special blog hop newsletter mailing as well :) We'll see you back in February!

  17. Oh Marie, what an excellent teacher you are! You can compose art books of How To's. You had me thinking I could do it right up to the wee rose petals...then I said, nah. Mine would never look that good. You are one talented little lady. **blows kisses** Deb

  18. This is a great craft how to. It's well detailed, and easy to follow and understand. I'll be referring this to my wife as she loves crafts like this as well. Thanks for sharing.


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