Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I heart this!

Well , I didn't get to post early this morning, I had to go shopping last night. It is one of those never-ending jobs, like dishes and cleaning bathrooms. And someone has to do it.
Anyway, I have some heart or hearts to show you from people with heart. Sonja and Susan made these hearts from my tutorial here.
You can see the finished ones here

Sonja's heart. Thank you Sonja for trying the tutorial and the link.
It is gorgeous.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your comments and this has been a fun couple of days.
Thank you for taking the time and caring enough to help me get better and thank you so much for being gentle, I really appreciate that.

Let me explain about the video, such as it is.
You can see said video here
My best friend bought me a little video camera for Christmas and I was playing with it on Sunday.
The video you saw yesterday is from that little escapade. It is 3 minutes and 40+ seconds long.
It took me all day to set up an account and figure you tube out, then do a profile page, figure out some of the lighting for the video and where I was going to place the camera on my desk in 6" square of space, record the video, then install the programs for the camera and figure out the programs once they were installed, edit the video for the front page and credits 5 times LOL,  then to go back in to you tube and figure out how to upload it there, wait an hour for it to upload (I forgot to do an important step in the finalizing of the movie) and then sign back on to you tube cause it took so long and then I couldn't get back in because I had also added another account, took me a few to figure that out, finally uploaded and figured out all of the controls to publish it, except for I made it private because I thought it was mickey mouse but fun, and then posted in my blog, only to get up the next day and not be able to view it, and then to go back into you tube and change all of the settings again, and then re-post on the blog. Whew!!
I was so proud of myself, I was chuckling all the way through this whole day and even in the video, which you heard, because I was so unprepared in so many ways. I loved all of your comments and even my husband threw in: the lighting is not right, the music is too loud, you got too close, and the you should have could have done this, this, and that too.

Susan's heart

I was still laughing and I only posted it so my friend could see that I was playing with the present. She reads my blog and doesn't post, so it was my way of saying, see, I am playing with my new toy and thank you.
See, pretty funny!
I have learned so much from doing this and learned it pretty quickly, all in all, for me. I am kind of proud of myself actually and all the while laughing through the day. I finished at 9 pm Sunday night. Laughing, I said, what's up with that? Not my usual, while working with my friend, the computer and all of his friends.
So there is the story.
I thought you would enjoy hearing the behind the scenes low down.
Have a great day and thank you for spending some of your precious and valuable time with me.
Thank you, Susan and Sonja, for trying the tutorial, your hearts are just wonderful and I love them.

Sonja's second heart


  1. Thank you. You've really made my day, or should I better say a week :)
    Thank you for a great tutorial and for publishing my two hearts.

  2. I give you a lot of credit, Marie! I am sure that I would not be able to make a video on my own. Kudos for sticking with it all the way through!

    The hearts that were made from your tut are just beautiful--you are a good teacher!

  3. How cool that you learned to do that! I want to...there are a couple of tutorials I'd love to put together, but the learning curve puts me off. One of these days, I really will do it. Maybe I'll ask you to teach me! Congrats on the present, and love all the hearts.

  4. wheeew is right. I am exhausted just reading everything you did. So my hands are clapping. You did good girl. LOL


  5. Marie, the hearts the girls made are beautiful and all I can say, is that I am glad it was you making that video, not me! LOL! I would have stopped by the middle of the day! LOL! Thanks for doing it and we all appreciated it!!!

  6. Dearest Marie, seeing all those beautiful hearts I just had to race over to your Etsy shop and buy one for myself! I just love your creations!! Love, Silke

  7. nothing like showing up at the tail end, marie. i was raising hell with two little boys and missed your whole class. but am i to understand i will be back to see and hear you????!


  8. Love the hearts you shared - how wonderful they came out. Congrats on taking the initiative and creating your own video - you so rock, Marie! Theresa

  9. Oh so pretty!!! They possess most excellent fine motor skills for the wee flowers. Marie, I was wondering if white model magic clay (the light weight) can be dyed with anything before using. **kisskiss** Deb


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