Monday, January 17, 2011

How to make the Jump rings 1st video

This is my first video on you tube, I made it myself. I am working on all kinds of angles and lighting. I am pretty excited to be able to do this.
It was fun.
Some things are so much easier to do if you see them

Thanks for watching.
The next jump ring that you make from this spiral of wire should have the end cut off the wire again with the flush side of the cutters on the end of the wire.
You do not have to cut off a huge piece of wire just enough to make the end of the wire flush.
You can see how to make the hearts here
Happy Monday my pretties!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. I am a visual learner - thank you for posting!

  2. Thank you Marie. You are so generous.

  3. Nicely done. It would have made more sense to me to see you then put it on top of the heart you are talking about since I had not seen the heart and had no idea what this was for. Just a suggestion for someone like me coming in late.
    (Or even showing the ring on the heart first so I know where you are going with this.) Hope my suggestions are taken well as they are meant.

  4. Hi Marie
    Congratulations.,what a lovely surprise, your first Video!. Guess you wont stop at one. It was nice to hear your voic for the first time too. Keep it up, and looking forward to many more.
    Elizabeth XXX

  5. Nicely done Marie, congratulations. I do not make my own jump rings, now I will certainly give it a try. You have a pleasant voice, good to listen to, and your instructions come through very clearly.

  6. Wow Marie that was awesome. I love your voice!!!! Can't wait to see more of videos of you.
    Thanks so much

  7. Cool first video Marie! I loved hearing your voice--looking forward to more!

  8. Oh, what a treat! You have such a spunky and lovely voice. And I love all your tools! I have tool envy.

  9. Hey Marie! Great job!!! And, I love your laugh!! ;o)

  10. A picture is worth a thousand words eh, Annette?
    Seeing it done is always easier for me. I also find that if I read the instructions, I am usually doing it wrong and come up with another way. LOL!!

  11. It was all my pleasure Marlene,thank you!

  12. Thanks Lynn, those are great ideas. Maybe next time I will just make the whole thing in the video.
    The camera was a present from my best friend and I just wanted her to see that I was playing with it and doing something.
    There is so much that needs to be taken care of though and I learned a lot by posting this in the raw so to speak.
    When I posted it this morning no one could even view it LOL! You have got to make it public to put it in the blog! Duh!
    There is so much more, it is volumes heeheehee. Even the hubby threw in a bunch of you should have, the music is too loud, the camera is too close... LOL!!

  13. Awwwwwww thanks Elizabeth, you are so nice to me!!
    I am sure there will be more but I have some things to mess with first!
    I hope you are not flooding over there.
    Love, love, love.

  14. Thanks Regina. For the thicker wires it is just easier to make my own.
    Any round barrel is fair game too. I also love the thick highlighter barrel.
    I was taught a long time ago by my favorite teacher to always try and make my tools and the pieces I needed first, it was just his way, and it has been the most valuable lesson I have ever learned.

  15. Thanks Nicole, I have always thought recordings of my voice are horrid, but even I didn't mind listening to this one!

  16. Awesome Marie!!! Great job!! And your voice sounds......just like you so it's perfect. LOL By the way I made some of those hearts, a bit addictive but that is a great thing. Keep
    feeding my addiction I love it!! Many hugs and blessings!!!

  17. Awesome a live how to lol. Well done on your first outing they can/will get better once you get the feel for doing it this way trust me.

    an i give a couple of little pointers here?

    When working with large materials ie: '12 inches of wire' it is impossible to show on a small image disply as you discovered. i find when shooting video (70+ on YouTube now) its best to have the main subject centered of course but you have to allow for wide sudden movements. Especially if you want to catch the entire process 'in shot' as it were.

    You have a zoom option which is a bonus of course but constantly zooming in & out loosing focus proves tedious for many viewers. I like to work with an area at least twice that of my 'actual' working area with the main subject at the center or as close to screen as possible. This way almost everything remains in shot.

    If you have to zoom in then do so, but a smooth uniform 'everything in shot' works best.

    The music was fine volume wise i thought but i 'personally' find repetative tunes annoying & a distraction. Music that plays
    the length of the video, ambient music say works much better.

    Ligthing wise perfect, though the resolution would be better set a little higher. I think you may have lost some during conversion. If so shoot at as high resolution as you can achieve then when you convert the video format you loose less image quality.

    I hope i didn't sound too know it all there?

    Excellent stuff & i agree awesome laugh lol. More soon i hope?

  18. What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you, Marie!!! :) Theresa

  19. Thanks for the video tut! You made it look easy!

  20. Oooh! You are so lively and pleasant sounding!!!

  21. OMGoodness, how clever are you!?!?! OOOooooo how I love your laugh! And your voice!!! Voice is always such a surprise. Isn't it amazing how long setting all the computer stuff can take? Yesterday I spent an afternoon just trying to add a new font for the titles on my blog! Wonderful job, Marie. ♥♥♥ Deb

  22. WhaHooo! A video by Marie! Marie, you stand out as one of the first "polymer clay goddesses" I met - an artist in polymer clay and so willing to share so much knowledge. It was at our first Clay ConneCTion. I must tell you it was your enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment in working in polymer clay, and your attitude of 'just try it!, just do it, don't sweat it' was one of the things that really enamored me of working with polymer clay. Thank you for my life long obsession!


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