Friday, January 21, 2011

Making rose and leaves for "I heart you" hearts video 3

Ok, I am back for another try at this. I made this video for making the flowers and the rose for the "I heart you" hearts. Is there something wrong with me. Do you too suffer from obsession?
I have taken the film off of the lens. I almost had enough light to film this.
Here is video one-making the jump rings
Here is video two- making the "I heart you" hearts

I have to work around my grand daughter's, Madi, naps and those are slightly different everyday. Sigh...I used to love planning things. I am also learning to love not planning. Gift in strange wrapping paper, I guess.
I do, though, want to thank you all for putting up with my learning process and me having a little fun.
You guys are great sports and I appreciate you all.
Thank you for your encouraging words and laughing with me.
Happy friday. have a blessed weekend. Look for miracles, they are everywhere.


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who leave the cap on the lens and then wonders WHY the camera won't work....
    Great video--so fun to see it in motion!


  2. Perfection Marie!!! You are becoming quite the pro with the camera. I loved every single video. Many hugs and blessings!!

  3. Your land video is so much better!! You make me smile the whole time and I love your little wave at the end!!!

  4. That came out wonderful! Lots of fun, Marie--keep making them!

  5. Hey Marie! Excellent video! I've enjoyed them all! And, I love the wave at the end! I waved back ;o)

  6. Hurray for your new video! You have quite a gift for this, Marie. I hope you have a most wonderful weekend too! Theresa

  7. Wow you are getting so good at this. You will be a pro in no time

  8. most assuredly bravo, marie!

    my blog is instructional right now too.....hahhahahhaha!


  9. There you go i think you have mastered the video shooting now lol. Did you mentiopn your husbands company i didn't notice lol.

    Seriously though i'd say you had it now, & now theres nothing holding you back. You go hun.

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhh, Marie! I thoroughly enjoyed these videos! I laughed out loud when you discovered you had plastic film over the lens! And you are right, watching you make one makes the whole process clearer than reading the instructions. Especially the part about imprinting the veins on the leaves. Oh! Now I get it! :D And WAAAAAA! OMG! I loved the video with you in it! Oh, I just want to hug you. You are so sweet, and you have such a big heart for making those Bottles of Hope. What a fabulous soul you are. That is why I heart you.


  11. Hi Marie. just loved your latest videos,nearly missed them as havent been here for a day or two.
    You are just fabulous and much better than anything on you tube. You get better with each video, now that you took the cover off the lens LOL.Just like you to go ahead and not remake it, made us sit up and take notice, just the fun of it.
    Such a nice voice and you have us all laughing and smiling at your nochalant way of working.
    Love those hearts,meaning to put the one I once made on my blog, but with your help I will become an expert.


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