Thursday, January 6, 2011

A little reminder about the Giveaway and the finished piece.

I am having a giveaway right now, it is the 18th giveaway. I am giving away this prototype piece.
You can still enter the giveaway on post
This giveaway closes on the 11th, that would be 1-11-11 at 11:11 pm.
Do not post here for your entry.

Here is the piece that developed from the prototype above.

this is Sacred Heart 3, it is in my Etsy shop now!

And here is Sacred heart 2

Also in my Etsy Shop now
Here is the story of these hearts.
This sacred heart necklace is inspired by a friend’s dream and I made what she told me.

“This is Mary's heart and all women's hearts being pierced but still able to love and feel joy and compassion and it is because of that piercing that we can do just that. The sword stands for a mother’s love. ”

Make your life like this heart!


  1. It's mine! ♥♥♥
    Could not resist Marie!


  2. Marie, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I have a ton of Jesse James buttons and I tried them last night and they bake beautiful, no problems. You are so smart :0).
    How is Susan doing? I would love to make her a Breast Cancer Bracelet if you could find out what size her wrist is. My friend just went through 5 weeks of radiation for breast cancer and she wore the bracelet I made her every time she went. She's doing great and we are hoping it doesn't come back.

    Thanks again for your info about the buttons. I put a mouse on a cat bead and it's really cute.

  3. These are gorgeous, Marie. I doubt they will be in your etsy shop for long.

  4. WOW these necklaces are absolutely amazing !!!! xxxx

  5. Beautiful Marie! I hope your friend is doing well ;o)

  6. I would love to be a part of this giveaway Marie!!!
    Am I still in the mix?

    Your dear friend Pattee

  7. Oh you have been a busy girl- Gorgeous work as always and it just gets better and better- Lovely!

  8. Es maravilloso,lo que es y lo que significa. Besos

  9. Marie, you amaze me! These necklaces are stunning. I heart you. :) xox

  10. Someone will be most fortunate to win these lovely pieces! Your work is extraordinary! Theresa

  11. so charming.

    i'm swinging by with a TSUP! and a little smooch marie. i hope all is well in your neck of the woods and world.


  12. So beautiful, I love your work. Happy New Year

    <3 Kasi

  13. Wow, Marie, this new design is fantastic!