Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Owns Your Creativity Rights?

Lots of hearts for you!!
Who Owns Your Creativity Rights?
This is very profound.
I really loved reading it!
Please take the time to read it for you.
It is a quick read and very well written.
I think you will be pleased!


  1. Read that post Marie and it is truly excellent. I have always considered myself creative *most* days due to the diverse number of things I am involved in that--at some level--end up using creativity.
    It seems that people now feel that mass numbers of paintings, drawings, prints, etc. are what define creativity. Like, they have to justify their existence with numbers of pieces produced.
    Love your little heart above~~wearing my EXQUISITE heart necklace as I type!


  2. Hi Marie I agree that was a great post.

  3. Love the post, Marie. I suppose I've never thought about it...I've always been creative...the little hamster is always moving around in that little wheel I call my brain!! LOL I also love what Anne wrote...creativity can't be measured in numbers...NEVER!! If that's the case, the Chinese have the world beaten in creativity...way beaten!! LOL

    Love your hearts! Have a great week.


  4. I read and enjoyed that, thanks Marie. Hope you are having a wonderful day, full of creativity.

  5. Very thought-provoking essay for sure!
    It reminded me of the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" when at the end Dorothy tells the wizard he wouldn't have anything in his magic bag to help her get home & he was inside you all along!

  6. Oh, me loves your hearts and I loved that post you sent us to. I feel that way too, that living an artful life is owning every minute of your day and choosing to do it splendidly, the best we can at that moment. I think having created a lovely holiday season is ART. I think making coffee can be an art, as well as sipping coffee. Lovely thoughts. **blows kisses** Deb

  7. Thank you for sharing that. I was expecting to read a piece about copyrighting and came away with something so much more inspiring.


  8. Hi Marie!!! thanks for the always inspire us...and share special things with us!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  9. Excellent post Marie! I love your blog! I am so happy I found you through Debbie, at CraftyMoose ;o)

  10. Marie, that was just wonderful and had much food for thought. Thanks for sharing this with us all. Hope you are well...Theresa

  11. I try to explain something this to my daughter, who, of all my kids, doesn't "do anything creative like music or art." But she is incredible at people skills and organizing. She can patiently bring order out of chaos in whatever form she finds it, and it never seems to get to her.

    Love the post, thanks for sharing it with us!


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