Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bottles of Hope, Moore's Cancer Center, Dr. Danielle Casden and Me

For those of you that know me. You know that I have been involved in Bottles of Hope of since I first met Diane Gregoire in 1999.
She was a light in my life, I love her attitude, and I have been making bottles for people and cancer patients ever since.
I have been making bottles with my guild since I came back from that fateful Connecticut retreat where I met Diane and then came back and told my guild, the San Diego Polymer clay, guild about them. We now do BOH Clay Days 3 to 4 times a year.
Dr. Daniell Casden is one of the reasons we keep making, making, and making them, she is so excited and supportive of our guild and this program.
Over those 12 years, Cancer has become very, very personal for me and also a lot of members in our guild.
To all my dear family who have gone on from this earthly plane, to all my dear friends who have done the same, and to all of you who have gone through cancer and lived to see another day, this is for you.
I honor you all and thank you for these lessons.
I do not like to be on camera, but I thought the message out weighed my vanity.

Moore's Cancer Center is celebrating its 5th anniversary of being under one roof!
Film credit to K. Edwards.

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  1. TSUP! TSUP! TSUP!!!


    I am only sorry that Renee did not see this in person.



    TSUP! TSUP!!!

  2. You are awesome. Truly awesome. I have to move to San Diego.

  3. Beautiful, touching and wonderful. You are an angel Marie - an angel who works her magick in clay.

  4. Ohhh Marie it is so nice to see your beautiful face. Being a recipient of one of your bottles. I know how special they are. I did not receive your gift for cancer, but to help me through all the deaths of my family members last year. I have my bottle sitting next to my bed. I read the encouraging message almost everyday. You and your guild will be blessed for the work you are doing and for your giving hearts.
    I love you Marie

  5. Beautiful Marie!! It's fantastic what you and everyone else is doing! I got very emotional watching the video. By the way, you were great on camera! I truly mean that!!!

  6. So glad you went ahead and posted this Marie!!! The message is the most important part~~♥


  7. Marie this was beautiful! I could feel your love and enthusiasm through your words and you looked great.

  8. You are beautiful. You shouldn't shy away from being seen. (but I do know what you mean)
    This bottle program is phenominal. How touching this video was. Thanks for sharing not only the video, the love that you and you guild share but you as well.
    The Olde Bagg, Linda

  9. Oh, Marie, how wonderful is this! The bottles themselves, the thought behind them, the love they contain and seeing you on a video!!! You are just like I had imagined you!!! Sending a big hug and much love, Silke

  10. Awwww

    look at those honest eyes and charming smile

    even the bottles applaud you! This is god's work (the church of the world) and you are a big cheese saint


  11. A beautiful video with a beautiful message! You did a wonderful job & you looked great! Seeing something like this reinforces my basic belief that (wo)man is good!

  12. All I seen was your generous spirit and beautiful heart! Sending you huge hugs Beth

  13. I've never heard of anything like this but how wonderful. Am also so glad you posted this Marie. Not only was it so lovely to put a face to the words and art but to read about such an amazing program. My Mum visited a hospice once a week for a few weeks before she died of Cancer, they did facials and art classes with people and it was a real boost to her - something like this must make such a difference.

  14. Marie, this is so amazing! What a beautiful thing to do. It was wonderful to "meet" you and see how passionate you are about this. The bottles are beautiful, as are you! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Theresa

  15. You are so beautiful Marie ~
    Thank you for this beautiful video and I love making of BOH~
    XXX Pattee

  16. First, Marie, it is so good to put a lovely face and a voice to my blog friend. You are just as beautiful as I had imagined. Second, you and your friends are bottling hope and love.
    That makes you all genies. :) Renee is smiling, I know she is. xoxo!!

  17. Oh Marie, you is lovely!!! You make me want to be a better person. **tears of joy** Deb

  18. Thank you Ces.
    Renee saw, she sees everything now.
    I love you too.

  19. Oh Marie,
    This spoke right to my heart and I got all teary when you said "This cancer thing" as I recall so many of my patients saying "once I get over this cancer thing"...
    Some of them do and some of them don't and I will always remember them all with love.
    Your little bottles are are delightful and I could see the love in you when you spoke....wonderful xx


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