Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions- part 4

Ok, now this is my favorite one!! ;-D


  1. Wowww, this is awesome! I have to say Marie, your work is just incredible!
    I hope that Madi is feeling some better today and that you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs and much love...

  2. Another beautiful brooch Marie...

    Are you doing better? Feeling better?

  3. Mine as well! :) Although it was very hard to decide.

  4. This one is wonderful too but I still think yesterdays was my favorite. I am even more impressed now that I know the size of these little jewels! You are doing some fabulous work, Marie!

  5. marie, i could see these in the catalogues of the metropolitan museum of art etc. i can no longer choose a favorite. i love what you do with the gears. there is something about their roundness and workability that contributes to the strength of your pieces.

    happy easter marie! i hope you get to give kisses from head to toe.


  6. Dear Marie, this is just incredible! You are really mixing things up - I love that!! Are you doing alright otherwise?! Happy Easter to you all! I bet you'll have a blast with Madi and the Easter Bunny!! Love, Silke

  7. Love this one!! They're all fantastic!!
    Happy Easter!!

  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! They all look so fantastic Marie! I don't know wich one i like best ;-)

  9. Thank you so much Bobbi.

    Madi is doing ok!
    Still snotty though and then she wipes it on me, ewwwwwwwwwww!
    Hubby is sick now, I am still blowing past this though and I am grateful. After all who would do all the cleaning, cooking, and garbage taking out then?
    I am not sick, it is a great day!!

  10. Thank you Pattee my sweet. I am doing ok! I feel kind of headachey, but that is probably just fight off a cold from the grand daughter.
    She has been sick all this week.
    How are you doing with the pigs visiting?
    I have heard it is horrible!
    Hope you are well sweetie.

  11. Thank you so much Deea!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting too!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Okay, I have been looking at all your hearts and absolutely loving them. It's really excellent craftsmanship and beautifully inventive. You rock!

  13. What a very nice thing to say. Wouldn't that be lovely kj? I can see them in there too. Hint, hint, Metropolitan, like they read my blog, heeeheee!
    I am just glowing, you made me smile big!
    Happy Easter to you too my dear, may it be filled with tons of family love.

  14. Thank you Jan!!
    So nice of you to say that.

  15. Thanks Silke! I am loving playing with this style. I have some I am working on now that I am really having some fun with. I can hardly wait to get to my table every day!!
    I am doing pretty good, thanks for caring Silke. Spring has really helped like you said.
    I wake in the morning cause the birds are so loud and I just love that, I can feel their excitement and it is infecting me.
    Happy Easter to you too! Blessings all over you!

  16. Thank you Manon. happy Easter to you too!!!

  17. Thank you Donna, have a great weekend!!

  18. Why thank you very much Chris.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Wow - are you making these in your sleep? You are so productive! I love this one, too! And I can't decide which one I love best, but that's okay. I will love them all! Happy Easter!

  20. Pam thank you! I have though been making them for awhile. I am just posting them a little at a time.;-D
    Looks good though doesn't it??
    I feel the same about you when I see all of the stuff you make.

  21. Hi Marie...
    The pigs won't GO AWAY!!!
    I'm worn down from pain... and I'm even taking Vicoden.

    Today I called in a plea for help and they gave me 5 days of prednisone... I hope it works.

    WE are missing Pass Over and Easter without kids or family is just Sunday : (

    YOU have a fabulous Easter.. little children make it so fun!

  22. Each brooch is lovelier than the next one! Creating art does wonders for the soul. I can tell your heart is poured into each piece. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Theresa :)

  23. Oh another nice one Marie. What do you mean steal? Splain please.

  24. HAHAHAHA! You can have anything for you and Madi. HAHAHAHA!

  25. No blood! We already did that blood pact with Mother Superior Renee and Bella one night when the vampyre kissed your neck. HAHAHAHA!

  26. Spells? Hahahah. She can't even spell some of the words when she types. HAHAHAHAH!

  27. I've been wanting to try steampunk for a long time, and this one is certainly lovely. However, I think I like the heart in the previous post better. Maybe it's because I can see the detail so much better. It was hard to see the detail on this one. I bet it's gorgeous in person, though. You really have a way with steampunk.

  28. Oh you mean a spell! HAHAHA! HAH! Okay, just kidding.

  29. Your favorite? I can tell! Wowzers! Do your gears come antique-looking? Or do you have to do something to them? Looking fabulous, Marie.

    And how could you ever forget about the vampyre! Hahahaha. Have a fantastic Easter. Have a fantastic weekend!


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