Friday, April 16, 2010

Cannon's Birthday- Part Deux

WARNING this post is photo intensive!
Well, this is part two from Cannon's birthday. I almost posted the cute picture of him again but decided not to. You have to go here to see it.

I added the characters to a grass pad that is about 1/2 block of Cernit Green and 1/2 Light Green marbled together or 2.2 ounces total.
They seem to like sitting on the grass, it is probably way better than that foil covered cardboard.

Next I made the letters for Cannon's name. They are just rolled out coils that are about 3/16" to 1/4" in diameter bent in to the letter shapes. I lay the letters on to the grass to see if they will all fit well before pressing them in to place.

I decided when I laid the letters out that I would like them better if they were elevated a little from the base.
So I rolled out  1/2" coil of the green colored clay and place the coil across the front of the base.
I pressed only on the front of the coil when I pressed it down so that it would be lower in the front than in the back.
I then placed the letters on top of that coil and gently pressed them in to place.

I have a rubber stamp with my name on it. I stamped this in to the light green and placed it against the blue monster. Then dated it with marking '10 on it.
I placed a cone of yellow and red together and twisted them together then rolled that cone on my work area to smooth it to make the party hat.
The top of the party hat is just little tiny cones placed on the tip of the hat.

I added a giant  number one to the blue monsters right side, he holds this with his hand.

Here is the way it all looks with the additions.
I am going to add some more things now.

I added a package and tied it with a bow.

I added another package with a bow and a banner to write on to the front of the letters.

Then another long rectangle package to the side where the baby bird is and then added a purple ribbon and a bow to that!

Here is the finished piece and it is baked. I have written on the banner and this also a better glimpse of the colors.

A closer look!

The back side of the piece and the blue and red monsters too.

This is the piece from the top and the right side of it.

This is the front and a closer look at the characters.

This is another view.

I signed the bottom from all of us.

A final look, a birds eye view.
Happy 1st Birthday Little Cannon.
Have a wonderful day!

The size of the base is 5" across and the height of the piece is about 3 1/2".
The weight of the piece is 10 ounces that is almost 5 blocks of clay.


  1. Oh, Marie, I bow down to you in awe and admiration! I want one!! Is that wrong of me?!? This is so much fun! Happy! Colorful! Delicious! And perfect for a gift that will be cherished forever! Much love, Silke

  2. Can I be 1 again???? :D
    I could tell you the things I am fond of, though I don't think I could pull off being a toddler at 5'10".....
    This is amazing Marie. As I drooled here just blows me away....


  3. This is so cute! Would you like to know my birthday? :) :)

  4. Oh thank you Silke! I think it is the colors that makes it so much fun, the construction is not hard at all. It is a bunch of basic shapes, balls, cones, and flat coils mostly, all put together to make one image.
    It was a lot of fun to work on because of the colors too! I love love love working in all the colors.

  5. I wont tell anyone if you want to be Anne! ;-D
    Think about it though, the ony thing about being a toddler I wouldn't like is sitting in poop for a bit. LOL!
    You get fed, someone changes your clothes...oh this is scary, that is exactly what I would like to avoid about old age. I must think on this.

  6. Thank you Craftymoose!

    LOL!! sort of like Dogs playing poker???

  7. ohhhhh this is so awesome, cute, sweet and darling Marie! I just love it! Wow! How fun is this and what a wonderful gift and keepsake to have for the future!
    I haven't been feeling so swell, doing a lot of laying down and resting, a lil beading to. lol I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day!
    Hugs and much love...

  8. Can I just say that this is quite possibly the cutest thing EVER!!! What a special birthday treat. :) Theresa

  9. The only thing that could top this perfect creation is if I can eat it - it looks so edible! Beautiful work Marie!

  10. Miss out did yourself on this...connor is one lucky lil child! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift to him. Way to go!!!! big hugs beth

  11. OH MY, OH MY, OH MY! I am.....SPEECHLESS!

    Holy CRUD, Marie, this is incredible! WOW! They are all so adorable, but I am especially in awe over baby Big Bird. All the presents and hats and the ribbon in front and fantastic touches. The whole thing is phenomenal! You are soooooooo crazy-talented. This must have take quite a long time to bake, too!

    Happy birthday, Cannon! Hope you all are having SO much fun this weekend!

  12. Wow! That's amazing. Well done, Marie. You're quite talented. This will be something he can keep the rest of his life.

    Love the name by the way...Cannon.


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