Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Remembering Christmas-Jodi's vase and Sisterfriend Day

I was looking for something else in all my files and I found the pictures from Christmas 2009. I made this for my best friend (sisterfriend) and it is one of my favorite pieces. I am sorry the pictures are so bad but as usual I was in a hurry at that time and this is one of the last pieces I made before Christmas arrived. I probably baked it the night before I went there.
I used vintage crystals another friend had given me and a cracked glass globe that was used for a project long ago (that was ugly, very old, and out dated).
I captured each crystal in black Cernit and added them one at a time to the top of the glass. I then added some little bits of clay here and there for detail.
Baked the whole thing and when it was cool, I washed it with Old Brass Lumiere and wiped off the excess.
In my case, sometimes it is good to be under pressure and time constraints and not to have time to over think something. I wanted to keep this real bad.

Today is Sisterfriend day and no housework day, I am, in honor of both days, telling you my sisterfriends, I love you and appreciate you so very very much and not doing any housework (LOL, something new and different, ya right, and this point, what my dear sisterfriend Renee would say "Harharhar!!")
Read my sisterfriend Ces' post about her declaration of this outstanding day of love!
I appreciate you Ces, my dear sisterfriend, you are a brilliant light in my life!!


  1. Happy Sisterfriend Day, Marie! OMGoodness, this piece is incredible! Amazing you could actually give it away. I love love love the idea of repurposing objects into art. Now go put your feet up and ENJOY the day! **blows kisses** Deb

  2. I love you Marie...
    Ok no housework does that mean dinner too??? LOL!

    I know Renee would say bring me my personal chef.. which was me : )

    What a beautiful vintage crystal piece! I can see how you'd want to keep it!

  3. Well said Marie! Your grey matter was working much better than mine this morning! HAHAHA!!!
    Pressure..yes, sometimes it is necessary so I don't pick things apart for EVER. I don't know when to stop. Love the piece!!!
    We should swarm Sisterfriend-Ces with comments.... >:D


  4. Happy Sisterfriend day Marie!!! your friendship is a wonderful gift!!! thank you!!!

    I love this!!!


  5. Oh I had no idea it was sisterfriends day. I posted about my friends today. LOL Happy SF to you!

  6. Your work is becoming more intricate and exotic. Marie, you are incredible. Kiss Madi for me. Happy sisterfriend. Marie, you are my sisterfriend and I will always remember the nights we spent with Renee and Bella. Tsup! Tsup!!!

  7. Happy Sisterfriend Day, Marie! I love you oodles and gobs! No work today! Just fun and creating! xoxox Pam

  8. Dear sisterfriend, you are a bright light in my life! Coming to your blog always inspires me and your comments on my blog go straight to my heart!! I love you lots and am so glad you came into my life!! Silke

  9. Happy Sisterfriend day to you, dear Marie! I'm enjoying it so far. I really really love this piece you are showing today. It looks like a crown out of Lord of the Rings or something. Just gorgeous. Have a wonderful day!! So happy to have met you.

  10. Hi Marie, Happy Sisterfriend Day to you Sweetie! Now Marie, as much as I would love not to do housework today you know how I am and I just have to at least pick up a lil bit, plus make dinner and do the dishes, I really couldn't stand dishes to be in the sink until tomorrow. But thank you for letting me off the hook to clean a lot today!
    How gorgous of a piece that was you maded for your friend! Wow!
    I have to tell you that our friendship means so much to me...thank you Sweetie...Happy Sisterfriend Day!
    I hope that you have a wonderful and beautiful day, give Madi a great big hug for me!
    Hugs and much love...

  11. Marie, that is absolutely gorgeous! You are so amazingly talented. My jaw won't come up off the floor...:-D

  12. dear marie, thank you for such a sweet comment. i can enthusiastically say likewise and ditto.

    it is very fun for me to see your art and watch you grow with it. even in the short time i've known you, i am delighted and amazed. i just love those little gears! and i love all kinds of glitter beads!

    enjoy today, marie.


  13. Happy sisterfriend day, Marie!! I'm so happy that you are my friend. Thank you for your support also!! I'm sending my sisterfriend love your way.
    Btw.... this piece is gorgeous. I have to go look at it again!

  14. I wasn't aware of Sisterfriend Day - but how nice to celebrate it with you and everyone else here! The bracelet you created is so lovely - I'm sure your friend loved it. It's very regal and gothic looking! Theresa :)

  15. I'm trying to catch up here, and my eyes are just DAZZLED at all the incredible things you've created lately. You are on a ROLL, sisterfriend! Brooches and buttons and this beautiful crystal....Wooooooooooo! Stand back now, Marie is HOT!

    Happy Sisterfriend Week to you. I love you, and your little Madi, too!

  16. Thank you so Much Deb. I like Up cycling too!!
    I am really getting in to it more and more. I don't even have to visit thrift shops. I probably have enough stuff to keep me going for awhile. LOL!!

  17. If Renee calls, you go make dinner Pattee. Gosh I miss that woman so much!

  18. Marie-I really like this too. You see possiblilities and follow through with them. You are an amazing Sisterfriend! Hugs, Kelly


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