Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions- part 3 revisiting hearts

I thought I would make another heart.

Fill your heart with art. Front on the left top and back on the right top.
Little bigger than a quarter, 19 for $5.00
Bottom right is heart filled with art. Not for this price.
Bottom left is a quarter ;-D

Here is the first one I made a couple of years ago.


  1. Your clay hearts are gorgeous! Just like the heart that beats inside you, dear friend.

    Hugs and love,

  2. I love this! How big is it, Marie? These new pieces you are making are awesome!! :) xox

  3. It seems like every time you post a new one I think, "This one is my favorite!" Again I say this one is my favorite, I love the hearts!

  4. Some fantastic steampunk beauty here!

  5. That is so amazingly beautiful - I think it's my favorite so far. I love the earthy colors you used - and it would look amazing on a beautiful string of beads!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  6. Marie...this is a clockwork sweetheart...just so beautiful...
    How are you my lovely one?
    It's been a while since I I've missed so much...
    Hope you're all well...

  7. Most awesome - very Steam Punk! :)

  8. Awww Angela what a sweet thing to say. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you Pam. I have inserted a picture just for you, so you can see exactly how big they are.

  10. Thank you so much Jan. I like all of these too, the colors, the idea, the finished pieces make me sing and I can not stop!!

  11. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Ooooh, good one, Marie. I did not see the April Fool's at first. Good thing my fingers went into to a nervous twitch and accidentally scrolled to it. Hahaha!

    Aww darn. I put on my wrestling singlet and everything....

    OH MAN! Be still my whirring heart! These are the TOPS! Love the roundness of the one you did a while ago!

  12. Clockwork Sweetheart...oh that is great Celia, do you mind if I use that??
    I am doing pretty well. How are you? Where have you been?

  13. Thanks Divaeva! I am trying.

  14. I like the rounder one too.

    Boy, miss Bella, I would never fight you over Ces. You are just itching for a fight though.;-D
    I am sure she can love us both but you will always be the favorite.

  15. OOOOH This is so intricate! The details are teeny tiny! These are great Marie!

    What!? You won't fight for me? :(

  16. Hi Marie, Wow Sweetie this is so awesome and beautiful! It seems like no matter what it is, you make it gorgeous! Way to go!
    Hope your rest of your evening is a wonderful one.
    Hugs and much love...

  17. Wow!! I really like the new direction!!! These hearts are great!! And I gave you a blog award too!!

  18. Hi Marie! Perfect! I love the size and I love both of these hearts you have made. Love love love. :) Have a great Easter weekend! xoxo

  19. I would fight for you Ces. But Bella is itching for a fight and even though she is cute she is probably a pretty tough cookie being a ninja and all.

  20. you can use it sweetheart...just remember to credit me...hee hee
    Glad you're doing "pretty well"...nice to see friendly faces again...I've missed everyone!

  21. Que preciosidad!! me encanta!!


  22. I especially like the first one next to the silver heart kneckless. Cool love it to bits.

  23. The steam punk heart is FAB!!! '-)

    Happy Easter weekend to you!

    Chris :-)


  24. Marie these are fantastic. Great art!!!


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