Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cannon's Birthday

Madi's little friend Cannon is having a birthday party this weekend. You may remember Cannon from this picture at Halloween.

I wanted to do something special for Cannon. This is the group that my daughter and I did Lamaze with when she was pregnant with Madi.

My daughter and Madi have celebrated a lot of firsts with these kids and their parents. I am so glad they have all stayed in touch over the year.
It is so fun to be in on this from the beginning!
They are a great group of kids with kids, lol!!

They are very nice to me and Cannon's dad is the one that pieced a computer together for me when I worked mine in to the ground and had no money to buy another one, and because of him I was able to keep posting and commenting.
I am so grateful for that!!

Cannon's theme for his Birthday revolves around little baby puppets.
I love little baby puppets.

I wanted to make them in a ring, so I put this cutter there.
Here are the legs to the first one, can you guess who it is yet?

Here he is finished, with the next guy coming to life besides him.
Awwwwwwwwww so cute.
That bird thing in the back though looks like he is coming out of the desk.

Now the bird looks better. If you will notice they are sitting next to each other.
Forget the ring of characters.
I am always going back and forth with how I want something to be in the end.

A pair of legs, I bet you can guess who this is, right?
Well, maybe not, but I will tell you he is my favorite monster and he loves to be tickled.
Sorry these pictures are not so great! I have to work on these in the late hours of the day.
With a one year old running around the place, it is very hard to get much of anything done during the day.

I kind of let the pieces fall where they may. They tell me how they should stand together.
I know, sounds crazy, yep!!
They are looking very cute together though.
Luckily I work pretty fast, don't want to give them a chance to change their minds.

Here is a view from different angle.

Here is another character coming to life.
They seem to greet each other as they come alive.
Is it?...

Yes, it is!
Oops, looks like the red baby grew a nose too!

To be continued---------------------------------------------------------------------------->


  1. Oh so adorable, Marie! Cannon is going to have a most Happy Birthday. I find it so interesting that you make them from the bottom up, not being an artist. Just too cute! **kisskiss** Deb

  2. These are fabulous Marie! You are so lucky to be surrounded by youth!!! It does keep you young (well most of the time unless it makes you tired Lol!)

    I love all the Sesame St. monsters!


  3. OH...MY...GOD....
    These are spectacular! Marie---you are an overflowing FONT of talent!!!
    You have no idea how I admire 3-D work, and mine has always looked like something a horse left behind.....walking thru the pasture....
    Damn, you're good!!!


  4. OOOOH My goodness. How special! That afro wig is a hoot! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my sister Marie you make everyone feel so special. I love my vampyre vase.

  5. Thanks Deb, it is different all of the time, but ya, I usually start with the legs. It really would better if I didn't, becasue I make the body in my hands away from the legs. So sometimes I will have to make the legs again.

  6. It is nice to have youth around Pattee! I am just exhausted at the end of the day though. LOL!!

  7. Thank you Anne, but I wish I could paint like you! LOL!
    I have been practicing for 40 some odd years claying.
    Some of them really odd years LOL!!

  8. Ces that is one of my favorite pictures, Cannon in the afro wig. It just makes me smile, and that little curl of his upper lip is perfect too!
    I am glad you like your vase Ces!! So glad! It pleases me.

  9. cuuuuute! today is my sister her youngest saughter her 10th bday, but i can't come cause i have a shoulder inflammation since tuesday :-( and it hurts soooo bad! never had this before. the baddest thing is i cant sculp. it just came suddenly. how strange huh? i guess because i clean houses of old people and thats pretty heavy sometimes.

  10. i mean sisters daughter. i have to type with 1 hand :-(

  11. Hi Marie! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street!!!!!! (Sorry, I have watched 4 + kids worth of Sesame, and I have some episodes memorized!) What a great show, though, and what an adorable gift you are making. :) You, my dear, are extremely talented. Next time Madi whizzes by, tell her Miss Pam needs a hug. :) xox!

  12. ohhhh what an awesome gift!!!! you are tooo did a great job on those! big hugs beth

  13. Man, oh man, you SURE know how to make things look wonderful. I love these guys, and your workmanship is A-1.

  14. these are so cute! you so bring me back to watching sesame street on my belly with my mom's homemade cookies. what a fun celebration!

    best wishes!

  15. Marie,
    That is so adorable! Omg... that pic of Cannon made me totally crack up!! Your pieces are the sweetest ever.
    Btw..... love the look of your blog!!

  16. Marie!! These are so cute! You are so talented. You can do anything! From a lovin' fan...Hugs!!


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