Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday- weekend update

I have been trying to post everyday this month(harder than I thought) and I got a post up yesterday, but not until late in the day, it is good though and about my sister friend Ces' gift to Madi for her first birthday, please go see, some visual eye candy there .

I slept till 8 am on Sunday, that is like noon now days. Went to see a friend, Lindly about 12:30pm, she was teaching a class here, at Quilter's Paradise the owners let our guild SDPCG, the San Diego Polymer clay guild  reserve the classroom for visiting teachers when they come. A wonderful classroom and very nice people are there and if you love to quilt or work with fabric and you live around here, this is the place to go!!  A gorgeous, clean, and huge store.
It was great to see Lindly, she looks good, age doesn't seem to be affecting her as bad as moi. We have known each other for a very long time. She lives on the other side of the US though, and I am glad I got to see her again, it has been too long.
Also so good to see all of my guild buddies again too! We have a great guild and awesome people here in San Diego, we are very lucky!

On Saturday, I went to play with a friend. I very rarely get away to play and I needed to. Tina is fun, she has a wicked sense of humor and is a very sweet person. She took me to a place called Summers Past Farms  oh, what a fun day we had, I got a little sun, walked a craft show there (we had no idea it was going to be there, pleasant surprise)  with Tina and her darling daughter N, some people were playing live music and it was good. Bought a lemon geranium with Tina, her dad is going to make some cuttings for me. Oh geesh, does it smell divine! Smells more like key lime pie than lemons to me.

They have a soap making shop there with all kinds of goodies and soaps that they make right there. I bought a patchouli and orange bar, heavy on the orange and light on the patchouli, just perfect, yum. Little too old to be smelling like a hippie now days. LOL!! But just enough to make me feel grounded and good!
They have a sweet pea maze, that was awesome, there were llamas walking around, I had a coffee, yum! I haven't been drinking it because it makes me crazy and mean. I love it though.

We did some clay, I made these. I love them. Tina had some wire she had bent, making all kinds of shapes and I found one, the turquoise one and used it on the heart on the left. I wanted to make more so I bent some more. I made them a little bigger and thought they were just what I was looking for, I like when the bail becomes an integral part of the design. I love sacred hearts and I find myself making them all of the time. I see these beads hanging from the longest loop! Thank you Tina, for the great piece of wire.
We went to Sombrero's  I think they have they best veggie burritos for a fast food place. There are 14 locations in San Diego area. Another yum!
I am feeling so indulged! Whew, I needed that!
Do not forget the Buddha shrine giveaway, I have added a giveaway permanent page to the top of the blog under the new banner up there so I don't have to worry about somebody missing it, it is called CURRENT GIVEAWAY. Check that for updates all of the time.

I had a great weekend it was just a little short, I have so much more to do!! LOL!
Living with a one year old is a blessing, but man are they fast!
Have a great week everyone! Blessings and magic all over all you all.
Love and hugs.


  1. WOW these are fab i love them xxxx

  2. Love the sacred hearts!!!!
    Yep, putting a post up every day is tough. It is time comsuming (at least for me) and then sometimes my mind just wanders off and refuses to return.....
    And then there's days like today; paperwork and art. So the blog got a drop of brain-dribble, and nothing else! HA!


  3. Hahahaha, mean and crazy Marie. Nope, I don't buy it, not for a second.

    What a fantastic weekend you had. Nice and leisurely and filled with great friends and wonderful sights. I love the wire in your hearts! Excellent addition. And I don't think you can ever be too old to smell like a hippie. xoxo

  4. Marie, I am with Bella - it simply isn't possible that you could every be mean and crazy. :) LOVE the hearts. I'm glad you got to see friends, and relax, and yes, even drink COFFEE! LOL! xoxoxo Pam

  5. Sounds like a wonderful week-end Marie!!!
    And you surely did need it...

    What no more hippie smells : ) LOL!

    I love your new sacred hearts! They would make great pins as well.

    Much Love~Pattee

  6. Oooh! Love the heart..... you know I love them!!

  7. I'm glad you got some fun time with a friend. I didn't realize you have a one year old! Sheesh, and you still make art? Good on you!! Sounds like a real fun time, thanks for sharing. Oh, and I really love those hearts.♥♥♥

  8. Oh, I forgot to say I saw the Beadwright posted about the piece she received from you, it is wonderful! And the card! Wow.

  9. Ooooh! So delicious. Mean Sister Marie, my ass! yeah right. it's like calling Mary a bad mother.

    I posted something special so you can comment to your heart's content.

  10. Those sacred hearts are very special-love them!

  11. I WISH I could blog every day! LOL I am trying very hard to do 2 or 3 a week. Then I get behind in catching up with everyone else's lovely blogs. I love these little hearts you created - they are so cute. Hope your day is going well! :) Theresa


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